Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t want to clash with Salman Khan


Abhinav Kashyap may be wanting to take Salman Khan head on by releasing his film Besharam on the same day as Khan’s Mental but if rumours are to be believed the film’s lead Ranbir Kapoor is shying away from direct competition with the industry’s numero uno. As per reliable sources, when reports of Salman planning to release his film on October 2 started appearing, the date that is already secured by the producers of Besharam, Ranbir suggested that they move the date whereas Abhinav was adamant. ‘Why should we move our date?’ he was heard saying. Speculations are rife that Salman wants to take on both, Ranbir and Abhinav. While Salman and Ranbir share a history of sorts with their blow-hot blow-cold relationship, Abhinav reportedly had a fallout with the Khans during the making of Dabangg. Well, if Salman sticks to his plan and goes ahead with the release on October 2, it can be an opportune moment for Ranbir to prove his star power at the box office. Also, his film is an out-and-out commercial, but looks like he is chickening out from the situation and doesn’t intend taking the risk.