Iraqi Shia leader urges disciples to make Pakistan strong


Grand Shia leader Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir Hussain Al-Najafi has called his followers and other sects in Pakistan to work for the cause of Pakistan, making it strong and prosperous.
The country should be a land of peace for each of its citizen. A single drop of blood should be considered more important than anything else, he said while talking to a visiting Pakistani media delegation at his school on Sunday.
He said he felt highly upset over the killing of people in Pakistan suicide attacks and bombings.
Leaders and the government in Pakistan should be duty-bound to provide peace and security to their people, he added.
The Shia scholar was born in Jalandhar, India in 1942. Later, he migrated to Pakistan after independence. He got his early Islamic education in Lahore before moving to Najaf for higher education. Since then, he is settled in Najaf, devoting his all energies for promotion of Islamic teaching in Iraq.
He said further the people in Pakistan should avoid any step that could harm the country, its integrity or national identity. While recalling that Pakistan came into being after great sacrifices, he said the country should be first priority while going for other world purists.
The cleric lamented that the government in Pakistan could not deliver in term of providing peace and security to the people. The people, belonging to any sect, should look into their work and deeds as well, ensuring positive contribution in the national development. They should search their soul, to see as to how they are fair to themselves. “We should live according to the teaching of the holy Quran to ensure our ultimate success here and hereafter,” he asserted.
About peace in Pakistan, he said the intelligence network should fulfill responsibility to expose the culprits and those foreign agents who were behind bombings. He said he had conveyed his concern about the safety of Shias through the government officials and ministers who visited him in Najaf.