White Lies


Dedicated fundraiser and the archetypical PTI auntie Fauzia Kasuri has been disqualified by the PTI’s internal election commission on account of her dual nationality, becoming only the latest victim of the green card curse.

Her learning curve as a spin doctor on TV was flattish but her skill as a fundraiser was beyond reproach. Starting off by raising money for the Shaukat Khanum hospital, she went on to raising money for the PTI itself. Just the last tranche of the money she raised for the party is said to be Rs140 million. That’s seven zeroes, guys. Though forty million of that amount hasn’t yet been cleared after her disqualification.

But things have a way of balancing out. Or do they? For a new entry (re-entry) into the party is Dr Shirin Mazari. Her Teutonic Frightfulness had left the party some time ago over what she perceived to be a marginalization of the old guard within the party.


The former finance minister Dr Hafeez Shaikh, a former would-be caretaker prime minister, is in London these days to rest and reflect, following the categorical rejection of his candidature by the other parties.

Word is that when he’s ready to work again, he is not going to come back to Pakistan but go to Dubai, to work at his investment firm. Makes sense, since he didn’t exactly hedge his bets in the effort to become the caretaker premier and even gave up his senate seat.

As they say, thhandi kar ke khaa!


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