‘Sharifs speaking enemies’ language’


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Central Deputy Secretary Information Sharjeel Inam Memon expressed his regrets over his opposition over the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project which had been welcomed by all segments of the society except the Taliban, its affiliates and a couple of enemy countries. He was responding to yesterday’s press conference of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.
Sharjeel said that Shahbaz conducted himself as a spokesperson of an enemy country instead as a leader of one of Pakistan’s most influential political party.
He said his claim of routing his political opponents from the country’s political horizon was highly misplaced because his mentor Ziaul Haq could not do so during his life time, while adding that his heir would also meet the same fate.
He said President Asif Zardari had presented the party and its government’s performance before the people of Pakistan for their judgment on 11th May which was the election date announced by the president.
Sharjeel hoped that politically conscious people would vote in favor of the PPP candidates in the general election to ensure that the party returned into power with a big margin.
He said the people of Punjab in particular were fully prepared to take electoral revenge on the mentioned date from Shahbaz’s mismanagement and corruption committed by him in mega projects like Sasti Roti, Metro Bus project, Laptop scheme, Ashiana Housing Scheme, Ujala lamps schemes and many others.
Furthermore, the former Sindh information minister said that Shahbaz had erected barriers between the people of Lahore and the rest of the province by diverting huge development funds for weak projects in Punjab’s capital at the expense of the rest of the province.
Moreover, he said that Shahbaz had plunged the province into a debt trap of Rs 414 billion whereas he inherited the provincial coffer with a huge amount of Rs 100 billion as surplus when he assumed office of the provincial chief executive.
Sharjeel also said that Shahbaz had kept 22 departments under his direct control which manifested his extreme inclination for exclusiveness and denial of collective wisdom, which was otherwise important for any cabinet government.
He reminded the Punjab leader that 11th May election was not the referendum of Ziaul Haq and therefore the results would not be the same as had been claimed by Shahbaz.