Islam advocates parental guidance during puberty, says Maulana Hadi


Madrassa Arif-ul-Hussaini Principal Maulana Allama Syed Muhammad Jawad Hadi in a statement issued to the press, emphasised the role of parents and teachers in assisting the youth during puberty phase. Maulana Hadi said, “Human beings undergo both physical and psychological changes when they reach puberty.”
Children experience many new emotions and physiological changes while undergoing puberty. These changes were caused by hormonal fluctuations and were a normal part of the process of growing up. However, children were not provided with the proper knowledge and education regarding these changes, due to which they often turned towards unreliable sources to seek the desired information. This in turn made them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.
Girls reached puberty between the ages of 10 and 14 while boys experienced the same changes between the ages of 12 and 15. This sensitive period is associated with significant physical changes, such as height and weight increases, in addition to other changes. Boys and girls also experienced emotional changes during that time. Mood swings, energy changes and frustration were the most common indications of the onset of puberty. Adjusting to this unsettling period could be difficult for both adolescents and their parents because all these changes were temporary and required a lot of patience and support from the elders.
Maulana Hadi stressed that teachers must provide timely guidance to children as advocated by Islam, saying, “Islam places greatest emphasis on education. It holds that children are more likely to be exploited and misled unless they are given the right knowledge and awareness about the changes associated with puberty.”
He further said that knowledge, guidance and support during puberty could make the journey easier for children, while adding that parents and teachers have to play a vital role in this regard by equipping children with the correct information about puberty and how to deal with the sudden changes.


  1. Parents teachers and most of all Imams of thousands of Masaajids have failed as a result our society is in this state.

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