Indian media claims that Dawood Ibrahim resides in Karachi


India Today reports:

“Even as Sanjay Dutt gets five years in jail in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case, the mastermind behind the attack, Dawood Ibrahim, is leading a lavish life in Pakistan”

Sources cite all whereabouts of the Dawood, at the same time accused Pakistani government to have sheltered the most wanted underworld man.
Sources say:

“Based on the dossier of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) on Dawood, Aaj Tak has tracked the new den of India’s most-wanted don to Karachi. The house – 6-A, Khayaban Tanzeem – is located in Defence Housing Area (DHA), Phase V, one of the most upscale colonies in the city.

The same address has been given to Islamabad by Interpol to locate and apprehend the underworld don. However, from former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf to present interior minister Rehman Malik, the government there has always been in denial of the presence of Dawood on its soil.

According to the CBI, Dawood was earlier residing with his family at Moin Palace, Clifton, Karachi. After 9/11 attack, when Dawood was declared a global terrorist by the United States, the underworld don shifted his base to North West Frontier Province in Pakistan and later relocated to DHA, Karachi. The latest pictures of Dawood’s bungalow reveal that the don enjoys state security and boasts of a fleet of luxurious cars, including a black Toyota Land Cruiser. The sprawling bungalow has several diplomats, former governors and politicians living in the neighbourhood.

At present, Dawood, his wife Mahzabeen and their son live in the bungalow. His elder daughter and her husband, brother Anees Ibrahim and close aide Chhota Shakeel also live in the neighbourhood. Speaking to Indian media, noted lawyer Majid Memon said: “It’s surprising how a journalist can discover Dawood’s den (in Karachi) while the IB and RAW have failed to locate India’s most-wanted fugitive.”

It should be noted that this exclusive Indian media report come to the forefront a day after Sunjay Dutt was given a 5 year sentence for possessing arms with Dawood’s assistance


  1. its really a shame for IB and RAW that they r not able to eliminate indias most wanted criminal..they should learn from US and should follow same foot steps to eliminate him..yes i mean a surgical strike,and eliminate his entire family..
    Pakistan is a safe heaven for all the criminals and terrorists….dönt harvest this worms they wil distroy ur nation..and wil bring a bad name for kick all this worms out make ur house clean ..and fulfill the dreams of jinna

  2. India has vast covert operations inside Pakistan and many groups including TTP and local ones in Karachi that carry out target attacks daily on Karachi streets. Its childs play for them to take Dawood Ibrahim down.

    Only reason they havent done it so far, either they dont want to do it or Mr Ibrahim is not in side Pakistan!

    He is an Indian national and Indian government should be responsible for him! Why India doesnt look inside Dubai where oftenly he has been living? scared of Arabs?

  3. Btw, Karachites, got any idea what he is like in Pakistan? I mean is he living there as a legitimate law abiding person engaged in legitimate activities or is it that there too he is involved with mafia businesses in Karachi city?

  4. Pakistan is heaven for terrorist and supporter “person”.dawood ibrahim kaskar is gest for pakistani.but do not forget time is best wait for the action.and that day is not long when pakistan is divided into many part becouse of their own WORK.

  5. So India may dare to come and take him 😛
    Indians are "Fucking Ball Less Creatures"

  6. The world knows too well that this terrorist, Dawood is in Karachi. Even the self-styled Commando & super-intelligent Musharraf once tacitly agreed in a TV program that Dawood was in fact in Karachi but at the time when he said was not there. What non-sense. Since this past-great country Pakistan has now become the world's most famous heaven for terrorists & criminals, no wonder Osama was found here and Dawood is a famous resident. In some years time, all the worlds most wanted criminals & terrorists will be in Pakistan and the country's law-abiding citizens would have moved to other countries.

  7. i read the one of msg here about dawood bhai ,
    mr junaid dawood bhai don't need to pay bhata and MQM is the one of pakistans politcle parti who suport all kind of people and his worker pay mqf for this orgnization if MQM involved in bhata do you have a any prof

  8. US is planing to attack Clifton area if we do not get rid of him.. eventually , USA is planning to capture Pakistan in a gradual manner to keep a close eye on China.
    This is a conspiracy theory by US….
    Dawood is going to be another huge reason for US to attack Pakistan….
    Brothers, please do something to save our dear "PAK" Pakistan and save Islam.

  9. dawood ibrahim has a good person and he is not a terrorist i am a big fane of him so plz dawood sir give me a chance to meet with u and i am 17 year old …03142220677

  10. india ur Us ny h terrorist philai howi hy Pakistan mai… ur koi janwar abi paida nhn howa jo PAKISTAN ka kuch kr sky……. mind it………

  11. ur jb hm ghosy india mai to bhagny ka moka nhn milay ga… Asia mai jo kuch ghalat ho rha hy usy India ur America krwa rha hy………

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