NAB chief to be indicted on April 2


The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday ordered to indict Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Fasih Bukhari in contempt of court charges on April 2.

Three-member bench headed Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry heard a suo moto case. The bench rejected a plea by the respondent to change the composition of the bench as counsel of the respondent objected on the inclusion of chief justice in the bench.

Chief Justice Chaudhry remarked that prima facie NAB chairman’s letter to the President Asif Ali Zardari, which contained objectionable remarks on the judiciary, is insulting for the judiciary and other civil and military institutions.

NAB’s counsel argued that chief justice had removed himself from the bench in the Arsalan Iftikhar case upon which CJ remarked that both cases have no similarity.

Later on, the court while appointing Attorney General as prosecutor ordered to frame contempt of court charges on chairman NAB on April 2.

The hearing was adjourned till then.


  1. MR. Chief Justice and your BIG ego,did you know that the laws isn't about insults or hurting your feelings,its about RIGHT and WRONG.Stop wasting time and making an a.. out of yourself,stick to the laws.People can and will question the laws at times,your job is to uphold the law,after all,you are the Chief justice.You serve contempt of court like biryani at a wedding.You have turmed the supreme court into a circus.

  2. I totally agree with Desi. Chaudhry Double PCO has made a mockery of justice. I endorse Admiral Bokhari's views and dare Chaudhry to issue me Contempt notice and I will bring to light his crimes which the world still does not know.

  3. @desi & shahid (likely paid mules)
    its the just dissolved gov and the sick president who were dishing out contempt of courts like biryani.
    your logic is totally skewed
    to the common man it is clear that creeps like Bukhari need some disciplining for pandering to a corrupt system and gov, they are the ones who consistently and without an iota of shame made mockery of court orders and continue to do so.

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