US congratulates Pakistan on completion of 5-year term of Parliament


The United States has congratulated Pakistan on the historic completion of the 5-year term of the Parliament and said it looks forward to continue a wide-ranging US-Pakistan relationship with the next elected government after free and fair polls.
Speaking at a press briefing in Washington‚ State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland expressed the hope that the United States will be able to work well with whoever the Pakistani people elect.
She said Washington has been working directly with Pakistani people to extend more support at the grassroots level and towards more economic empowerment of the non-governmental sector.


  1. It is on record that the democratic govt which has successfully completed its tenure has also set a record of corruption to the tune of 10 to 11 billion rupees every day for five years. US representative in Washington Victoria Noland owes an explanation to the poor and wretched masses of Pakistan who are committing suicide in despair, on her congratulations to Pakistan Parliament for completing its tenure. By any standard the looting and unprecedented corruption in Pakistan in the name of democracy must be condemned by every civilized society.

  2. Guys, just in case anybody in Pakistan still doesn't know…America own Pakistan!!! It is only thought the wishes and co-operation of US that the Pakistan Government has made it to 5 years. No doubt that US was happy for the fraudsters and corrupt politicians to continue borrowing more and more from US and giving big commissions to key figures in US, as well as of course filling their own pockets.

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