Rehman Malik’s using CMC as rest house


A visit to the federal government-run Crises Management Cell (CMC) in Karachi has revealed that the place has been renovated to provide a rest house to former federal interior minister Rehman Malik on his visit to the metropolis.
The only purpose of the cell was to accommodate the federal minister on his visit to the coastal city. The cell had stopped functioning and the staff deployed at the CMC was found absent. A FC personnel was standing in a picket which was established outside the CMC. Two persons of law enforcement agencies were present inside the cell in plain clothes while the offices inside were locked down. It seemed that the newly constructed building was never used after its construction.
In 2005, the National Crises Management Cell (NCMC) in principle had decided to open its provincial headquarters in Sindh and Punjab to counter terrorism. It was decided that provincial offices of NCMC would be established in Karachi and Lahore to reactivate the cell. The centre had then directed the provincial authorities of Sindh and Punjab to spare suitable buildings for NCMC provincial offices.
Earlier, Rehman Malik had directed to reactivate CMC in the metropolitan as he assumed the charge to counter terrorism in the country’s financial hub. The only purpose of CMC was to avert any untoward situation on the basis of intelligence information. On the directives of the centre, the provincial government had renovated a building and later assigned it to CMC Karachi. The CMC Karachi had started work along with providing cooperation in operations, investigation and the intelligence agencies but later it had suddenly stopped functioning.
The two persons present in CMC Karachi when asked about closure of offices in the cell, disclosed that it had been closed since the last many months. “The cell was reactivated to provide rest house to former federal minister Rehman on his visit to Karachi,” they added. “Initially, the former federal minister visited the cell regularly whenever he came to the city but later he stopped visiting the cell, they said, adding that when Rehman started staying at the CM House, and the CMC Karachi had stopped functioning.”
When they were asked about the person looking after CMC Karachi, they replied that it was enough to know that the CMC Karachi had been closed down due to unknown reasons.


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  2. I agree Naeem , will some one just thorw him OUT along with that zardari please we have had ENUFFFFFFFFFF
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  3. We want treason charges against Rehman Malik, Gilani & Zardari.

    They should be tried for treason against the state.

  4. They have done enough to invite Divine intervention and it will be severe InshaAllah.Apparently no human in this country has the character and conviction to do what the comments above suggest.

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