Siraj Durrani, armed guards beat up senior Sindh official


As a senior official refused to obey the alleged illegal orders of Sindh Minister for Local Government Agha Siraj Durrani, the minister along with his armed guards, beat the officer up, leaving him seriously injured in his office.

Visitors and officials of the Sindh Secretariat, the provincial hub of the bureaucracy, were shocked when the armed guards, led by Durrani, reached the Local Government Department at 1pm where they were welcomed by Local Government Secretary Ali Ahmed Lund.

Durrani’s armed guards then forcibly entered into the office of Sindh Local Government Board Secretary Shaukat Jokhio, a grade-18 officer, witnesses told Pakistan Today on Monday.

“The minister’s armed guards dragged Jokhio out of his office and started beating him in front of the elected representatives belonging to the ruling PPP. Then minister slapped him twice as Lund stood there as a silent spectator,” they added.

The witnesses said after Durrani and his armed guards left the building, the bystanders and employees of the Local Government Department took the injured officer to a nearby private hospital for treatment.

Moreover, the sources in the department told Pakistan Today that Durrani’s private secretary, known as Dholoo, had threatened Jokhio on Friday, asking him to endorse at least 700 appointment orders distributed recently by the minister amongst party workers.

Jokhio reportedly refused to sign the endorsement as the orders were issued in the period in which a ban had been imposed by the Election Commission of Pakistan on such orders.

Pakistan Today repeatedly tried to contact the minister and the local government secretary to seek their official versions, but they could not be reached.


  1. Agha Siraj Durrani, is real gunda and criminal of sindh..he completely ruined KMC and involved in land grabbing….he should be beaten in puplic

  2. Democracy….. Siraj Durrani is elected representative… so he has the authority… Pakistan must be ruled by elected people…. so shut up and prepare your self to embrace new democratic govt…. which may legalise such beating.

    I'm sure people of Pakistan are brainwashed and they will keep believing in democracy… and will take part in next elections, with all the fervour and will not dare to sit home and try to disrupt or delay the democratic process.. for any reason.

  3. this is precisely the mind set of a feudal
    this guy needs a good long lesson in manners …at the landhi jail, where he rightly belongs and not in the corridors of power.

  4. Ok our priority if it is a blasphemy every bystander ransack the whole building and kill the person and burn his dead body. And if some unjustice like this lets talk and blame the goverment. People of Pakistan deserve this kind goverment .

  5. Shokat jokhio is our father pray for himmm nd yazeed durraniii tumhan c to allahhhh hisab le gaaaaaaaa inshAllahhhh u hurt all peoples of pakistannnnn…

  6. Agha siraj durrani yazeed p lanat murdabad siraj duranni we condemn this coward act of siraj durrani

  7. I fully agree withh Mr. Ali Ahmed's comment. Agha Siraj Durrani is a famous Gunda from Sultankot of Shikarpur District. He believes in the LAW OF THE JUNGLE. It is out of my understanding why such people are given shelter by political parties. PPP is well aware of his Gundaism. It is high time PPP kicked him off.

  8. PPP is made of thugs, corrupt & immoral people, the past five yrs has ruined Pakistan & these people will never learn. Hang them all.

  9. Mr Durrani and his guards must be arrested and their assets and properties must be confiscated. This will set the example for future. Also make this minister in eligible to contest the election for next fifty yrs or till he dies which ever come first.

  10. This is a perfect case for the inaugural lashing in public.This idiot should be given this treatment of course with bare bottoms.

  11. Long live Mr. Jokhio for being honest and brave and for standing up to the disease of feudalism exercised by Durrani, the terrorist, and his gundas.

  12. The bearucracy is so dumb and subservient that they have not shown any solidarity with a colleague by word or action.Such cadre will destroy this nation and should be overhauled.They should learn from this that if you are not loyal to your service and country you will be treated like this.No politician would dare do this if the bearucrates had self respect and dignity.It is their own doing.This is the oppertunity to change all that. Do it.

  13. Agha siraj durani hate u ab is gunde ko vote deke kon jeetaega? Shokat jokhio ham apk sath hen allah pak apko lambi umer de sehat de hate u durani

  14. agha siraj durani tmhn minster kis ne banaya ha tm jese gundy ko to jail me hona chaiye munafiq insan durani ko is harkat ki saza milni chaiye
    MR Shoukat Hussain Jokhio v r wd u…..

  15. Agha Siraj Durrani is the most respectable and devoted worker of PPP in the Sindh Province he has been elected number of times as member sindh assembly he is a true patriot and a solider hats off to you Durrani Sahab you did right PPP has sacrificed the mostin all the parties they have lost the most shaheed they deserve to rule this Country for 10 more years no onme else can compete with their sacrifices for democracy So Durrani Sahab did right as he is the minister of the Local govt whatever he issues should be obeyed in all.

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