Protest demands christians’ protection


Good Hope Welfare Society Chief Mathias A Khan and Pastor Javed Augustan, along with several others, held a protest in Lahore’s Bahar Colony area against the ransacking and burning of Christian homes in Joseph Town. The protestors chanted slogans against the provincial government and blocked the Ferozepur Road. The protesters demanded full security of their homes and places of worship. The protesters demanded immediate arrest of the miscreants.
The police tried to disperse the protestors by tears gas and arrested many protestors including Obaid Latif, Sunil Joseph, Ishaq Miraj, Amir Mathias, Almas Ilyas, Imran Mathias and Shahid Gill. Per report two men, Sharoon and Kasihif, were badly injured due to the police baton charge and were rushed to the nearest hospital.