Pakistan women journalists recognised


The first Women in Media Awards ceremony took place at the Beach Luxury Hotel on Wednesday and celebrated the works of female Pakistani journalists. The journalists won awards in the print, television, radio and online categories. Each of the women spoke on what their story was and how they went about covering it.
For the winner of the online journalism award, Sadia Haider, the award was validation for the work she had put in the last few years. After accepting her award Haider explained that her husband, who worked for the News Agency Reuters, was killed in Afghanistan. Since then she has been exploring the concept of violence in society, especially towards women, through different reporting mediums. “I am glad I’m standing here as a journalist for my work and not just a camera person or photographer” said Haider. Similar to Haider, the rest of the recipients of the media awards were thankful for being recognised.
Many spoke about what story they had won their awards for and why they chose to produce them in a certain way.
The Runner-up for the radio prize, Shamim Anjum of PBC-Islamabad, did a radio feature on Malala Yousafzai. A five minute report, Anjum made a young girl read a script in first person of Malala’s life story. For the bridge, however, Anjum used a male voice. The reason for this, she said, was because “it is men who are stopping girls from going to school, it is men who are blowing up schools.” I wanted to use a male voice so that it would reach fathers, fathers who need to educate their daughters, concluded Anjum.
The first prize in the radio category was won by Arifa Habib from PBC Bhawalpur for her radio talk show on the Pakistani media and the portrayal of women. A lifetime achievement was presented to journalist Zubaida Mustafa, who reminded the audience to not forget the importance of the pioneer female journalists in the country. “The contribution of these female journalists should be remembered,” said Mustafa. She went on to advise the younger women present in the room to never underestimate anyone, explaining that even today when she meets someone she always learns something from them.


  1. This occasion could be marked as a much awaited recognition of the female journalists in the country.I being a beginner in this field think that such moves should be lauded and these initiatives should outreach all.I being a female journalist belonging to FATA am looking forward for more opportunities to be provided for the professional uplift and recognition of female journalists including those hailing from FATA.

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