Defiance of Kite Flying ban: Basant to be celebrated at Adyala Road on March 23


Despite ban on kite flying, preparations for Basant celebrations at Adyala Road on March 23 have begun.

A special kite flying competition, namely ‘Jashan-e-Baharan Champions’ Trophy’ has also been announced. Aerial firing, use of chemical thread and dance parties are also expected during the kite flying tournament.

Sale of kites and illegal thread is also going on secretly in the areas affiliated with Adyala Road.

The authorities concerned have done nothing against the unlawful activity. If the kite flying goes unchecked it can pose life threat to the common people.


  1. Kite flying is a tradition dating back couple of hundred years,the unlawful activities our government and all the political parties practice on daily basis goes checked by the people of Pakistan,so let one day of this celebration go on.But I am add that aerial firing and chemical door must stop if we want to bring back the glory days of basant,millions celebrate without firing a gun,

    • If kite flying was not life-threatening, then this wouldn’t be an issue at all. But every year people are strangulated because of someone flying their kite.
      Let’s not put anyone’s life in danger just for a little fun.
      I’m sure there are other recreational activities that would not end up taking an innocent bystander’s life.

  2. It’s a barbaric sport vs humanity. Kite flying caused the death of many innocent people. It should not be allowed. This has nothing to do with Islam. Hindus will not understand it as they are happy when an innocent kid dies. It’s their culture. They were killing innocent women in the name of sati for thousands of years until the Muslim king Akbar stopped it.

  3. Awesome article. Kite flying is really popular tradition in many countries. I really like your great article. Thumbs up.

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