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Amazon rainforest may beat climatic changes

A recent research has shed light on how the Amazon rainforest can cope up with changes in global climate. It has been found by a team from the UK Center for Ecology and Hydrology that unlike earlier researches indicating that these rainforests would most probably will dry out and eventually die with temperatures rising, they have found some contrary evidence that drying may be too far a possibility.
It has been found by Chris Huntingford, who is a climate modeller for the UK’s Center for Ecology and Hydrology in Wallingford, UK, along with his colleagues that the tropical forests are not that vulnerable to climate as hitherto believed. They believe that the forests might have more biomass by the end of the century. For the research, the team simulated what sort of impact does “business-as-usual emissions” would have on tropical forests up to 2100. Furthermore, results were then compared with 22 global climate models, as well as land-surface process models.
“Despite this we conclude that based on current knowledge of expected climate change and ecological response, there is evidence of forest resilience for the Americas (Amazonia and Central America), Africa and Asia”, said the lead author. It was then they found that rainforests in Central America, Asia, Africa and Amazonia have managed to retain their carbon stock despite the fact that carbon dioxide levels were soaring high during the presumed century.

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