Spy agencies can’t operate beyond the law: CJP


Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Tuesday said the country’s secret agencies should keep in mind that they had authority to function only within the ambit of law.

He passed the remarks during the hearing of Adiyala Jail missing persons case.

The CJP said no one should think that the courts were helpless. “If the courts are be unable to dispense justice how would be the country be run?”

He said extrajudicial measures by anyone would not be tolerated at any cost.

The chief justice said no institution of the country had the authority to keep people in custody for life illegally.

He expressed resentment that although the attorney general represented the federation, he did not know anything about the case.

“This situation is the limit of irresponsibility.”

Justice Gulzar Ahmed Ahmed said the secret agencies had realised that the trial of the under detention persons should be started now after a lapse of several years.

He said after reviewing record, it seemed a new story had been fabricated.

Tariq Asad, the lawyer for applicants, completed his argument, while Attorney General Irfan Qadir would commence his arguments on March 20.

The lawyer for agencies, Raja Irshad, presented the record of Hamza Camp with a request that it might be kept secret.

He said the accused were involved in suicide attack on Hamza Camp and they would be prosecuted under FRC.

To this, the CJP said the trial of the accused had been completed years ago, but agencies had kept them in custody forcibly.

“How can proceeding against them be started under FCR now?”

The court later adjourned proceedings until March 20.