Governor’s rule extension likely in Balochistan


It is likely that the government will extend governor’s rule in Balochistan as Chief Minister Aslam Raisani has refused to step down.

According to news reports, the situation in the province has gotten more complicated as the chief minister has refused to dissolve the assembly before the stipulated time.

Parliamentarians hailing from the province had a meeting with Minister for Religious Affairs Khurshid Shah in the federal capital but to no avail. The Balochistan Assembly members demanded Raisani resign but he refused.

Sources said Raisani insisted the Balochistan Assembly complete its term, saying he would not advise the governor to dissolve the assembly before April 6.

The sources added that another effort will be made to bring him around today (Wednesday), and in case he baulks, then governor’s rule will be extended in a joint session of parliament to be called on March 14.