Badami Bagh incident shows Punjab govt’s failure: Imran Khan


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday lashed out at the Punjab government for its failure to protect Christian homes at Lahore’s Badami Bagh area.
He termed the incident reflective of the government’s complete failure. Speaking to reporters after visiting Joseph Colony, Imran said that this incident was the result of PML-N’s seat adjustments with banned terror outfits.
The Punjab government had failed to maintain law and order in the province, he said. To a question, he said that only transparent elections could pull the country out of crises. He accused the Punjab government of having links with the banned terrorist organisations. The PTI chief laid emphasis on holding of general elections on time.


  1. This is the responsibility of the rulers to protect the people both the minorities and majorities but the rulers are engaged in corruption, pre-poll rigging and horsetrading. They think that they will live in this world forever and no one can ask them. But soon they will appear before Allah and would be asked about their deeds.
    Those who got involved in this criminal act against Christians have no religion basically. Shame on the criminals, Shame on Punjab so-called Khadim e Aala.

  2. This is not not the fair time to criticise only PMLN THERE ARE MANY OTHER FACTORS ALSO.But imran khan must be positive and sensible as he is trying to mature himself and he must give up promary school habits.He is opening his internalism as goes to jews and christians .If he wishes to become national hero,he must be some reasonable behaviors show.He is only after Nawaz Sharief for nothing and if he continues to spit on the sky,it will fall on his face

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