400 dismissed education dept staffers to be regularised


In blatant violation of the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) ban imposed on government hiring, the power-brokers are set to stage a travesty in Sindh Education Department by regularising 400 dismissed employees of the department.
According to media reports, a certain person sitting pretty strong in the power corridors, was hijacking the Education Department’s top brass to re-instate the dismissed staffers, that too as regular employees by declaring them contractual.
It is important to mention here that back in the year 2011, these 400 former employees were appointed ad hoc for a period of six months in the Education Department Bureau of Curriculum and were duly released after the contract expired, however a court had awarded them an extension of five months more months.
Furthermore, they were given their marching orders in October 2012 at the end of their extension period. Since then all the 400 employees, between the grades of 1 to14, have stood dismissed.
Analysts believed this sort of ban-flouting electioneering flies in the face of the Election Commission of Pakistan, which was already under tremendous pressure ahead of the general elections.
Sources also said that the powerbrokers were also working on a bill that would soon be moved as well as passed in the Sindh Assembly to reinstate and regularise these sacked staffers.