PPP HR Cell condemns attack on Christians, demands action


The PPP Human Rights Cell on Sunday condemned the attack on the Christian community in Lahore and called upon the Punjab government to take action against the culprits and architects of this nefarious plot to persecute religious minorities.
“We condemn the attack on the Christian neighborhood, on torching and burning of their homes following allegations of blasphemy,” says a statement by PPP Human Rights Cell. “This is not the first time that such madness has unfolded in Punjab. Christian villages were being targeted repeatedly on the pretext of false accusations and we fear this to be a result of provincial government’s failure to tackle extremism,” it said.
“But regrettably, no suo moto notice had been taken by the superior judiciary. We hope that the superior courts would take immediate notice of this mass violence against the vulnerable and issue directions to the government to take action,” the statement said. “There had been repeated demands that the Punjab government should identify and take action against extremists. The PPP Human Rights Cell joins in this demand and urges immediate and conclusive action against both the culprits in the Lahore attack and on extremists that are being harboured in other parts of the province,” the statement concluded.