Govt pledges new houses, compensation for Christian victims


The Punjab government on Sunday said that new residences would be provided to the victims of Badami Bagh mob violence.

Punjab government spokesman Senator Pervez Rasheed said that the task of rehabilitation of the Christian community would soon be accomplished. He assured distribution of compensation cheques of Rs 200,000 each for the victims.

Pervez Rasheed said that the costs of rebuilding over 100 burnt houses would be borne by the Punjab government.

The police rounded up at least 150 people after demonstrators attacked and burned houses of a small Christian community during a protest over alleged blasphemous remarks by a Christian youth.

The police, government officials and rescue teams are currently investigating the extent of damage at Joseph Colony. At least 178 houses, 18 shops and two churches were damaged by the fires.

Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that all those responsible for the incident would be brought to book very soon.

Presiding over a meeting to review measures taken for the rehabilitation of the affectees, the chief minister said that repair of the houses would be initiated after the extent of the damaged caused was assessed. He further said that there could be no justification for the incident as it had brought shame to the entire nation.