Sindh IG, Rangers DG responsible for Abbas Town tragedy: CJP


Expressing displeasure over the services rendered by the law enforcement agencies on Friday, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said the Sindh IG and the DG Rangers were solely responsible for the Abbas Town tragedy.
Heading a five-member Supreme Court bench hearing a case on the Karachi tragedy, the chief justice ordered the government to compensate the people affected by the blast by Friday evening.
At outset of the hearing, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Special Branch submitted their reports on the incident. The ISI, Military Intelligence (MI) and the provincial chief secretary did not file their reports which irked the court. The court also summoned former Sindh IG Fayyaz Leghari.
The chief justice asked why the victims had not been compensated yet. The bench ordered the Sindh government to compensate the injured by Friday evening and submit details to the court.
The joint director of the IB stated that information pertaining to possible threats of blast was shared with the IG and the Rangers DG. To that, Justice Amir Hani said, “What step was taken in the light of this information?” Counsel for the Sindh government, Anwar Mansoor Khan claimed that over 130 terror attacks had been thwarted. Justice Hani said there were contradictions in the reports submitted by the Sindh government and the Sindh IG. He questioned why scanners had not been installed on entry and exit points of Karachi. “The helplessness of institution is evident.”


  1. According to the chief justice of the supreme court it is the Inspector General Sindh Police and the Director General of Sindh Rangers who are solely responsible for the horrible tragedy in Abbas town as a result of terrorist attack, so these two must be given exemplary punishment to set an example for other incompetent officials in our law enforcement agencies.

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