PPP gave voice to the common man


Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Friday said the people can see the difference between dictatorship and democracy after the successful completion of the tenure by the present government. He was speaking to workers of Pakistan Peoples Party belonging to the federal capital on Friday. The Prime Minister said it was PPP which gave voice to the common man and the down trodden sections of the society. Raja Pervez Ashraf said that he belonged to a middle class family and knew the impact of inflation and unemployment on the common man. He reminded the workers of the challenging circumstances in which the government had been working. He urged party workers to go into the field and campaign for their candidates, highlighting the achievements of the government.


  1. PPP has recently discovered the so far hidden talent of its Prime Minister.PM himself was surprised at this talent he always had and did not know. He can crack jokes and keep himself and his President happy.This story is in continuation of that.Sit back and tear your hair.

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