India 6th most liked, Pakistan 3rd least liked nation for Americans


India is the sixth most favourable nation for Americans, while at least eight out of 10 do not like Pakistan, making it the third most unfavourable nation after Iran and Korea, according to a latest poll.
According to Gallup Polls, nearly seven (68%) of every 10 persons interviewed for the poll favoured India, thus ranking it sixth after Canada (91%), Great Britain (88%), Germany (85%), Japan (81%) and France (73%).
Israel, the traditional American ally ranks seventh after India with 66%, while Mexico gets only 47% favourable votes.
Opinion about Russia is equally divided among favourable and unfavourable rating while 52% of the Americans put China in the unfavourable category.
Nine out of 10 Americans have an unfavourable view of Iran, making it the worst rated country out of 22 surveyed.
Seven other countries – Libya (72%), Iraq (76%), Afghanistan (80%), the Palestinian Authority (77%), Syria (75%), Pakistan (81%) and North Korea (84%) also receive unfavourable ratings of 70% or more.
“Eight countries with the most negative ratings are currently or over the past decade were involved in wars, disputes, or turmoil in a number of instances, in ways that are hostile to the US,” Gallip said. It said the currently “hostile” category includes Iran and North Korea. Libya was hostile toward the US under the government of Muammar Gaddafi and more recently Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed there.
“The US-Pakistani relationship is beset with rockiness despite the strained cooperation between the two on military matters. Americans also strongly favour Israel’s enduring conflict with Palestinian Authority,” the survey said.


  1. I was reading some articles written on dawn news and the authors of those articles were americans who recently visited Pakistan and they were somewhat surprised to see that Pakistan is not what the media is trying to show. This is all politics, the Western media has already polluted the minds of their own people about stories of Pakistan but generally Americans are good and friendly people.

    Pakistanis living in US or those who have met Americans will generally not agree with this.
    Recently an Australian editor has criticised Pakistani magazine called "Times Magazine" for reporting only bad news about Pakistan.

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