PTI intra-party elections delayed again


The intra-party elections of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have been postponed yet again, this time over printing of wrong ballot papers, Pakistan Today has learnt.
This would be the third time that the party will be holding elections to elect an array of office bearers both, in the district and towns, in the metropolitan.
Last time the issue was about placement of ballot boxes which gave rise to confusion further leading to an armed scuffle which ended with party workers in jail. The party high-ups had to intervene to resolve the issue.
However, this time incorrect serial numbers were given to ballot papers sent from Islamabad, making the authorities to call-off the entire process.
An insider, on condition of anonymity, said the Lahore election commission officers received the ballot paper last (Wednesday) night, which were checked on Thursday morning after the candidates were called in and the voters turned up.
A few candidates started shouting right at the beginning of the election process complaining that the serial numbers mentioned in the ballot papers did not match the serial number given to candidates.
“My serial number is 41 but on the ballot paper it has been changed to 38, meaning that all my voters are going to cast their votes to some other candidate. It takes a lot of time, energy and effort to mobilise the people for coming and voting and such hiccups will only damage the party’s reputation within the ranks,” a female candidate added.
Lahore election commission head Fayaz Mehar told Pakistan Today that the fault lies with the central election commission office in Islamabad. He said the serial numbers sent from Lahore were different from the ones sent back. The next date of election is March 11, he added.