Police nabs the Changars


Notorious criminals from Township Shauki Changar and Azam Changar along with 10 other wanted criminals have been arrested.
According to sources, Lahore CCPO Aslam Saleemi received a tip that the criminals were in Township at Shauki Changar’s residence. The CCPO immediately formed a special team which colluded with Township Police to arrest the criminals. Sources said mobile phones from all officials had been snatched so that no one could intimate the criminals about the raid. They further said the police station concerned had not been informed about the target of the raid and no one knew who was going to be arrested by the special team.
When the team raided the location, they captured Shauki Changar along with his brother Azam and 10 other wanted personnel. They recovered a large amount of arms and ammunition from them also.
A source said Shauki and his gang was backed by a political party from Punjab and had been openly committing crimes in the city. In 1993, Shauki had killed Naseem Pathani’s (former PPP women’s wing president) son, which had landed him in jail. Because Pathani had been pursuing her son’s murder case, Shauki’s brother Azam Changar along with an accomplice killed Pathani in 1997 in broad daylight as she was leaving a clinic. Shauki had also managed to kidnap Pathani’s 22-year-old nephew, Harris, on February 27. The boy’s family informed the police immediately who were able to retrieve Harris from Cangar’s residence but did not manage to arrest any culprit.
A source said in 2001, Shauki Changar had contested for Nazim but faced defeat. After some years, he again contested for the same position from the platform of another party and was able to win. The source added that Shauki has also illegally occupied a piece of land in WAPDA Town. Col Sadiq, the owner of the land, has filed a report against illegal occupation of his land against Shauki but no progress has been made in this regard as yet.
Harris’ uncle talking to Pakistan Today said his nephew was drenched in blood when he was recovered from Shauki’s captivity. He said the whole area was afraid of him and he had political backing and contacts at high level positions. He might have been arrested but will manage to come out of jail again and continue with his work, he said.