No normal ties with Pakistan until it ends terror: Singh


On the eve of Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf’s visit, India on Friday said there could not be normalisation of ties with Islamabad unless the terror machine still active there was brought under control.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said India had made sincere efforts to normalise its relations with Pakistan and had achieved some progress.

“People-to-people contacts have gone up, trade relations have shown improvement,” Dr Singh said in the Rajya Sabha replying to a debate on Motion of Thanks to the President’s address.

“But there cannot be normalisation of relations between our two countries unless and until the terror machine which is still active in Pakistan is brought under control,” he said.

The PM said this had been his government’s policy for the past nine years and would continue in the coming times. His remarks come ahead of his Pakistani counterpart’s visit to India on Saturday.

Ashraf, during a daylong visit, is scheduled to offer prayers at the famous shrine of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer.

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid will host a lunch in his honour at Jaipur, but no “substantive talks” are expected to take place.

Ashraf’s visit comes at a time when there is a chill in bilateral ties over the ceasefire violations along the Line of Control in Kashmir.

An Indian soldier was allegedly beheaded by Pakistani troops while the mutilated body of another was found in January.


  1. t is behond our understanding that Indian leaders are very harsh and hard to normalise the relation between both the countries,then why Pakistani PM made the visit to India.We must have clear and hard policies toward India till the final settlement of disputed over Jammu and Kashmir.As in the International Forum the late Jawaher Lal Nehro PM of India promised to give the right of self-determination to the occupied people of these areas.But it is India which is involved in creation of internal problems in Pakistan.It is doubtful that the current short visit of Pak PM is the chain of Indian involvement through its agencies in Pakistan and last visit of Pakistani president`s visit to Ajmer Sharief creates doubts as why only PPP leaders are supposed to visit India as India hesitates to normalise relation with Pakistan and is not serious,but why PPP leadres choose to visit there.Pakistani policies are not firm and strong and India is getting advantage of benefits from the weak points of our leaders. Pakistani leaders think first Pakistan,than other things come into considerations.But who will tell leaders.

    • It is not only PPP leaders but Mr. Imran Khan alongwith all his top party leaders, Musharraf(Architect of Kargil) in spite of denying visa once, Maulana Fazlur Rehman etc…….
      list is endless.

    • .
      You are saying India beats up on Pakistan …
      Lots of Indians say they are not doing enough of it …
      Americans say 'easy' until NATO route is in disuse …

  2. 'No normal relations until Pakistan is broken and on its knees'; is really what India means

    • "No normal relation with Pakistan unless it return the head of Indian soldiers" is actually what mr. singh means to say

  3. Dar: You mean if Pakistan will stop terrorism, it will be broken and will come to its knees ?? great analysis…………..

  4. This was harsh treatment of Bengalese by the then West Pakistan officials which paved the way for the creation of Bangladesh, but it was Indian intervention which speeded up the processs, and India had no business doing. And then Indira Gandhi proudly announced that 1,000 years of Muslim domination has been avenged.

    While majority of ordinary people on both sides want to live in peace and feel no animosity toward the other, the Indian government and some hardliners on both sides create problems.

    Having broken up Pakistan in half, India now sees a chance of dismembering the rest, by creating an independent Balochistan and a Greater Pashtonistan by merging our tribal areas with Afghanistan, and is actively working towards it, alongwith United States and its pack of hunting dogs. The next step would be to take control of our nuclear assets.

    India dreams of becoming the leader in the region, even overtaking China, and the United States wants to use India as a sacrificial goat in its ultimate war with China, like it used us against USSR, and India seems to be falling in the trap. Instead of working for peace in the region, India is collaborating with outsiders to destabilize the region, which is as unfotunate as it is stupid, because it has no chance of succeeding in its mission, and will only end up spoiling relations between the two nuclear neighbours, to the discomfort of both.


  5. Wonder why Pakistan wants to keep relations with a country who stabs you from both front and back. I would just focus on myself and Mr. Singh trust me we the people of Pakistan dont care

  6. There are no intention of keeping Relations with India. it is only the corrupt politicians who intend to do that. As for the headless soldier It is the same drama that India did in the Kargil war. and can India justify why they shot a soldier who went in their territory and identified himself as well. but despite his indetification he was shot dead. it is easy blaming Pakistan for all his problems. but you can't cover all your lies. do you remember when they showed a dead MQM leader as terrorist in Hyderabad incident? or when they said that 5 Pakistanis have crossed borders while the same evening Mubhashar Luqman did the show with the same 5 guys in Lahore.

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