Crime scene: murder, robberies and arrests


A kidnapped woman, Farah Riaz, was killed on Thursday.
According to details, Farah, 55, was kidnapped from the area of Ghaziabad on February 24. She was murdered, and the police arrested the suspects but did not file an FIR against them. The woman was a lecturer at Islamia College.
The police arrested her driver named Mirza Salman. During investigations, he confessed to kidnapping Farah with the help of his friend Imran and murdering her later when his demands were not fulfilled. He said that after killing her, he threw her body in the Khanpur canal.
Talking to Pakistan Today, CIA chief Nawaz Cheema refused to comment on the case and said they had not arrested anyone.
Torture: Nishter Police was accused of torturing a woman named Shamin Akhtar.
According to details, the police arrested Shamin on charges of house-grabbing. During investigation, the police was accused of beating the woman until she lost consciousness. According to police sources, four other women were also involved in the case.
Robberies: A man was injured by robbers upon offering resistance in the area of Gawal Mandi. According to reports, robbers attempted to rob a businessman named Amir. They tried to rob him of Rs 100,000 cash and his mobile phone. When he resisted, they shot at him, took the looted material and fled from the scene.
Another man was tortured by robbers for offering resistance in the area of Cantt. The robbers stole Rs 5,000 in case and fled.
A robbery took place in a house situated at Rashid Colony, Ichhra. According to reports, robbers took gold worth Rs 900,000, thousands of rupees in cash and escaped from the scene.
Arrests: The police arrested four members of Shahbaz Soni robbery gang from the area of Shalimar. The police seized a rickshaw, motorbikes, mobile phones and weapons from their possession
In another report Gawal Mandi police arrested a drug dealer named Ifran and recovered half kilogram of heroin from his possession.
In another report, the police raided the house of a suspected criminal named Sab and arrested 19 gamblers in Hurbanpura area. The police recovered thousands rupees in cash, mobile phones and other valuables from their possession.