‘Better to die than to shoulder blame’: Police constable commits suicide


A constable committed suicide in GOR-1 on Wednesday. According to details, Tasneem Anjum, 50, killed himself over a family dispute. A letter reading “It is better to die than to shoulder blame” was also found near his dead body. Anjum had recently married his son.
ROBBERY: A robbery took place in a house in P-Block, Defense. According to details, four robbers entered a house and robbed it of 50 tola gold, Rs 150,000 and five mobile phones.
In another report a citizen named Umer was robbed of Rs 20,00,000 at Kalam Chowk Underpass
ACCIDENT: An over-speeding van hit an electricity poll and injured five people who were shifted to Jinnah Hospital.
ARRESTS: Police arrested three members of Imran robbery gang along with the master mind from Factory Area. Weapons, dozens of mobile phones and cash were recovered from their possession.