Teacher assaults student with iron rod, breaks his arm


A private school teacher assaulted a student with an iron rod, breaking his arm, Pakistan Today has learnt.
The school administration later expelled the tortured student, a day before the final examination. The incident took place in Waqarul Islam Secondary School, located in Umar Farooque Town, Kalapul, Defence.
According to sources, the school building constructed on an 80 square yard plot, has only six rooms allocated for Montessori to Matric classes, is running on illegal water and electricity connections and has no washrooms for students and staff.
Hasnain Noor, the injured student, fell unconscious following the beating and is unable to function with his right arm. Despite this, when Noor went to appear in his examination, he was not allowed to write the exam and was told he had been expelled from the institute.
Mukhtar, owner of the school, when approached for comments, accepted that a female teacher had tortured a grade-V student. “We have directed the teacher not to attend the school, until the school management reviews the incident and decides on a plan of action,” he said. Mukhtar denied Noor had been expelled from the school and insisted that he attend classes. He further said the school provided the students and staff with all basic facilities and there were no inconsistencies in this regard.
However, he did not allow Pakistan Today to visit the school building and verify his stance, and disconnected the call.
Directorate of Private Educational Institutions Sindh (DPEIS) Deputy Director Zehra Mohsin, when contacted, condemned this act of barbarism.
“We cannot allow physical punishment to students,” she added. “I will personally investigate this incident and the school management would be issued notices,” she vowed.
“We will also direct the management of all private educational institutions working in Sindh not to appoint such teachers at their schools,” she said.