Rulers pushed Pakistan 50 years into the past: Nawaz Sharif


Lambasting the performance of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)-led government, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday that the rulers had pushed the country 50 years back into past during the last five years.
Talking with journalists, Nawaz said that innocent people were being killed from Khyber to Karachi on daily basis. “It is the government’s responsibility to provide safety to the people of the country,” he said. Addressing President Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz asked what the government and its allies had done for the country and its people. He said that had he been in place of Zardari, he would have said goodbye to the parties in the coalition.
He said that terrorism in Pakistan was the result of wrong policies of military dictators and unconstitutional governments. The PML-N chief demanded the implementation of the Supreme Court’s (SC) verdict on the Karachi law and order case. He strongly condemned the Abbas Town incident, but regretted that the rulers were least perturbed by the loss of innocent lives. He said the people had given mandate to the rulers for their security and wellbeing, but the government had shown complete inefficiency and was levelling allegations against others.
The PML-N chief asked Interior Minister Rehman Malik what steps had been taken to provide security despite having information about terrorist incidents in Quetta and Karachi. He said the Supreme Court had pointed towards militant wings in political parties but no action had been taken. He said there were parties with people in their fold who had killed more than a hundred persons. He said Karachi had been made hostage by criminals, who carry out activities by wearing police uniforms but no action had been taken against them.
CARETAKER PM: He said the names suggested by his party for caretaker prime minister would be acceptable for everyone, adding that if the government’s nominee was more suitable and had good reputation, his party would accept the decision.


  1. Look who is talking he is the one who joined hands with PPP & whole nation is suffering
    in my openion we as nation should stand & vote for the right person not for attractive manifestow.Wake up Pakistan & make right decesion & surely not on tried & tested failed so called leaders.

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