Rahul Gandhi not marrying, nor in a race to be PM


Rahul Gandhi, arguably India’s most eligible bachelor has said that he is not interested in a marriage, nor is he in the race for the prime minister’s post – despite his recent appointment as Congress vice-president which was widely regarded as a precursor for him to be the party’s candidate for the top job in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

In a rare free-wheeling conversation with Congress MPs and journalists in Parliament’s Central Hall, Rahul said that he did not wish to tie the knot and start a family as doing so would lead him to develop a vested interest in the status quo at the expense of his mission to democratize the Congress and decentralize its decision-making.

“If I get married and have children, then I will become a status quoits and will be concerned about bequeathing my position to my children,” he said. This was the first-ever confirmation of Rahul’s much-speculated disinclination to marry and start a family. Rahul has so far fended off questions about his marriage by saying people would get to know about his plans at the appropriate time.

He also denied that he aspired to be PM and lamented that Congress as well as other parties had degenerated into oligarchies where a tiny elite calls he shots. Asked about his interest in the PM’s job, he said, “Asking whether you want to be prime minister is to ask me a wrong question.” The response defied the growing clamor from the ranks that he be declared the Congress’s candidate for PMO in the 2014 polls.