BCB to give bonuses for draws


Bangladesh have been given financial incentive to draw a Test match. According to the BCB, the team will get an extra Tk 100,000 ($1250) per drawn Test on top of the Tk 150,000 ($1875) they will receive as Test match fee, which has also increased from Tk 100,000 ($1250).

The team drew only seven games in the last 13 seasons, the last one against West Indies in 2011 when rain interrupted play considerably. Only one of Bangladesh’s drawn games didn’t come with the assistance of inclement weather, against Zimbabwe in 2005.

Their match fees in ODIs were also increased from Tk 60,000 ($750) to Tk 100,000 ($1250) per game, while in Twenty20s, a Bangladesh player will receive Tk 50,000 ($625) after being previously paid Tk 35,000 ($438) per game.

“The players have told me recently that their net income has decreased,” BCB chief Nazmul Hassan said. “So we have increased their match fees. In addition, we feel since the team has enough ability to draw Tests, they will be paid bonuses if they can do that.”