Sharmila’s ‘one final clarification’ over public criticism


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sharmila Faruqi received widespread public criticism after it was reported that large contingents of police personnel in the city were deployed at her engagement celebrations.
Media reports and the general public questioned as to why the security forces had failed to reach the Abbas Town area even after a lapse of two hours after the blast had occurred on the same night. Sharmila’s engagement ceremony was being held at the Mohatta Palace, which was across the town from the location where the gruesome incident occurred.
Amid the ruckus, Sharmila dismissed the accusations that security personnel were busy giving security duties at the ceremony and were therefore uavailable to provide support in Abbas Town, reported a private television channel.
Sharmila tweeted: “Abbas Town is in District Central and Mohatta in District South of Khi. They have separate Dig’s to Ssp’s to sho’s.”
Responding to queries about the heavy contingents of police personnel deployed at her function, Sharmila tweeted: “Oh 32000 police personnel were protecting 400 guests? Find a better excuse to bash me!”
“Ok! So the blast was my fault and the unfortunate casualties were because Clifton Police was around Mohatta…If it soothes the haters keep abusing.”
She also clarified that the event only included a formal dinner, and not the engagement ceremony as was otherwise publicised.
“And one final clarification. My engagement was on 24th Feb at my house. Yesterday was a dinner. Simple.”
Earlier, police and paramilitary Rangers were nowhere to be seen hours after the blast occurred in Abbas Town. None of the senior officials of local administration and police visited the site at the time.


  1. Seriuosly!!!! The arrogance with which this woman is "tweeting" just reflects her and the other politician's mentality. "…if it soothes the haters, keep abusing." What this statement simply means is, "I DON'T CARE".
    People of Pakistan, please rise and throw these so called protectors out on the street and beat the hell out of them.

  2. I think it is ridiculous to blame poor Shermila. When Quetta incidents happened was it because of her? Media and media anchors please stop BULL SHITTING. Thank you.

  3. We have been watching her extreme type of arrogance and indifference to killings and other problems of the city / country on various talk shows on almost daily basis. So, her comments on twitter should not be a surprise for any one. She would however never answer as to why govt machinery was there at her “private” dinner.

  4. The incident shows gross insensitivity of the elite and especially the political class to the grave problems being faced by the common people. Instead of showing simplicity and modesty (at least in deference to her name and to mitigate the sordid reputation of her family — people still remember her uncle Salman Farooqi’s daughter’s wedding reception in Islamabad two decades ago which set a record in terms of number of guests invited in Islamabad’s five star hotel). While her political opponents may well be faulted for capitalizing on the incident by linking the Abbas Town tragedy with the Mohatta Palace revelry and drawing a one-to-one correspondence between the complete lack of security at the former and a profusion of pomp and protocol at the latter, the contrast is too stark to be dismissed as an unfortunate coincidence. The whole VVIP culture in the country sucks and is indirectly to be blamed — at least partly — for the lack of security available to the poor and vulnerable sections of the population. No amount of whitewashing by Ms. Farooqi and her political and personal admirers can erase the blot on the las she belongs to.

  5. I have gone through the comments and whatever being said on TV channels…Was there no other function in the city at that time? What did everybody think…Sharmilla should have cancelled the dinner? Growup people…a TRAGIC incident occured…but it was no fault of Sharmilla…it was not because of her dinner that police and rangers did not go to Abbas Town. Not every single policeman of Karachi was at the dinner…even if 1000 policemen were there (which i seriously doubt)….there were far more policement in the city to goto Abbas Town.
    So please…stop bashing Sharmilla's dinner here…BLAME THE POLICE!!! BLAME THE RANGERS!!! They are the ones who did not go..Why is nobody bashing the IG? IG controls the police, not Sharmilla..!

  6. Flashing Blues and reds and blaring sirens are now a status Symbol for the smallest Political Fry! Why grudge this luxury by a slightly larger Fry!! They are doing their best providing Roti, Kapra and Makan for the down trodden of this hapless country!!

  7. The point is not that the blast occurred because police was busy there, the point is EVEN AFTER THE HORRIBLE INCIDENT, OUR INSENSITIVE LEADERSHIP PROCEEDED WITH THE EXTRAVAGANT CEREMONY, and that too was well PROTOCOL-ED BY POLICE and other law order makers who were supposed to rush to the incident site and help the sufferers stuck under the rubble of the collapsed buildings

    • EXACTLY!.. was going through these replies and it was about time somebody said this. Party all night long and i quote, “if it soothes you…”, lay stunned in the filth of alcohol, that ‘primely’ breeds you..we dont care!
      A muslim dies in riots in london, a prince, mind it, A PRINCE, whose reputation is in sheer contrast of your low life rep in the country, comes to give condolences to his family and hugs his brother.
      You being a democratic minister and your cradle of low lives don’t even have the courtesy to SAY SORRY AND ATLEAST PAY A VISIT, let alone leaving the ceremony and attending then and there..

  8. Let's take away their security…
    When they'l suffer like we do in local transport and on the roads with out their precious conveys, un armed and out gunned in the city of lights…they'll know the feeling of fear of Life.
    They'll immediately take action in Khi because only this time, its there lives on the line.

    They probably sent BB up to come to power…

    Jiye Bhutto, Mulk nu Lutto!

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