US blundering in South Asia: Musharraf


Former Pakistani president on Monday said that the United States has blundered throughout South Asia over the past quarter of a century by committing into three ‘major blunders’ that have destabilized the region and led to the rise of international terrorism.

Musharraf said that the US committed its first blunder in the region in 1989. He said that “having defeated the Soviet Union with the help of Pakistan and the Afghan mujahideen, the Americans abandoned Afghanistan and distanced themselves from Pakistan. To add insult to injury, the United States also developed strategic relations with India, Pakistan’s longtime rival”,

He said that the United States completely switched sides: while Pakistan was its strategic partner since 1948, now India is its primary regional ally. Pakistan, meanwhile, was slapped with sanctions, he said.

The second U.S. blunder according to Musharraf was when it attempted to isolate the Taliban once they came to power.
Pakistan was the only country that recognized the Taliban when they established a government in 1996. “When U S President Bill Clinton came to Pakistan in 2000, he was almost reprimanding my country for dealing with the Taliban, and he urged Pakistan to sever diplomatic relations with them” said Musharraf. He added that “I suggested a different strategy: The world and the United States should recognize the Taliban and open diplomatic missions in Afghanistan. They should work with the Taliban to moderate their behavior. Clinton didn’t agree, of course, and the United States continued its policy of isolation”.

Musharraf said that the U S policy of engagement could have prevented all the destruction that came later.

Musharraf said that “I sent five delegations of all kinds of people, including religious leaders, to persuade Mullah Omar to abandon bin Laden. If there had also been diplomatic relations with the United States and other Western countries, we could have put even more pressure on him. And maybe the 9/11 attacks would not have taken place. It’s a big thing that I’m saying, but I believe it.”

Following the 9/11 attacks, the United States and its allies attacked Afghanistan and defeated the Taliban. Then the United States committed its third blunder: It failed to convert its military victory in Afghanistan into a political victory. It forged a government in Kabul that could not win the support of the population, resulting in the resurgence of the Taliban in 2005 and 2006. Musharraf said that “we needed to install a government that was dominated by the Pashtuns, because Pashtuns are the largest Afghan community”.

However the US chose to install a government which was favorable to the Northern Alliance as it had assisted the US in overthrowing the Taliban regime. As a result Pashtuns felt alienated and this resulted in Taliban resurgence in 2005 and 2006.

Musharraf concluded that putting of all eggs by the US in the basket of the Northern Alliance was the United States’ biggest blunder, but it persisted pursuing the strategy and continues doing so even now. “This is a grave mistake, and unless it is corrected, we will not be able to make progress” Musharraf concluded.


  1. USA and its blind policies have created so much bloodshed and turmoil in this region. Musharraf was a good leader for Pakistan but not sure if he can come back. If he does then perhaps Pakistan can once again take its rightful place on the world stage. I think it was unforgivable that Musharraf Allowed The NRO and so many Shaitans got Scot free. This is not islam. When he had so much power, he should not have allowed all those sharks and morons lie Chaudreys etc… to be near him and in government. What that much power he should have formed a truly just Islamic govenment and parliment fulo of educated and God fearing people. Anyways, Military has since he left been losing credibility. Corruption is like a virus that has spread all over pakistan. I found this site with some hard hitting facts about Pakistan. May Allah save Pakistan from itself. Ameen

  2. Hindsight is always 20/20. It was President Musharraf who welcomed the US to use Pakistan’s bases and services to invade and occupy Afghanistan. Without a written treaty or agreement between the two independent governments American were offered to operate freely, for as long as they wished to use and exploit Pakistan to achieve their unspecified aims. Pakistan remained an “uneasy ally” not a “strategic ally” as some Pakistanis including President Musharraf believed. Pakistan’s military bases were used to invade and kill Afghan militants as well as innocent people in that poverty stricken unhappy land. Some 11 years have passed and Americans are still fighting and killing. They have developed the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction during this long period of meaningless war. Pakistan is stuck with millions of refugees to contend with. Refugees from Afghanistan are still trickling into Pakistan. President Musharraf should look at his own past record of failures and achiements.

  3. musharaf- now- publicity seeker -trying to condemn usa to fool pakistani muslims who dont like usa ..unless and until muslims become open minded -no hope for islamic pakistan misruled by self seekers like musharaf who was usa slave ..and still is usA SLAVE FOR USA $$$$$

  4. M.Mian has pretty much summed up the past.It is only in this country that such ‘havebeens’ wish to stage comeback.It is time we show repugnance to these ideas, show self esteem and NOT allow anyone to insult our intelligence.

  5. Hi, I looked at that website Dan. I didnt know something like this existed. It disclosed a lot of state history or secrets. People should read it before election and casting votes blindly. I think the guy played an important part during pakistan creation and history. Lot of Stuff is true but difficult to digest. The class of Urdu used is of a very high level. But sadly, Pakistani people are so illiterate and robots. Even if the truth was staring them in the face they will still vote for corrupt people to power. Whatever, their grandfathers and fathers vote, they will vote.

  6. While what General Musharraf says is very interesting, the fact remains that the The US has its own agenda and that makes no allowances for Pakistan's feelings.

    Pakistan may have always been seeking America's 'love'; while America has always been seeking India's.

    1971 should have cleared out any doubts about US loyalty but as usual in a bad romance, the dumped lover usually clings to false hopes.

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