Raymond Davis sent to jail for two years


Raymond Davis, a former CIA contractor who killed two Pakistanis in January 2011, was held guilty and sent to jail for two years on Friday for assaulting a Colorado man named Jeff Maes.
Davis was convicted of third-degree assault in a dispute over a parking spot in the Denver suburb of Highlands Ranch in October 2011, prosecutors said.
Maes and his family got to a parking spot first and parked there. A witness told police that Davis then confronted Maes and said, “I was waiting for that spot and it wasn’t right for you to take it.” When Maes refused to move, Davis struck him.
Davis received a two-year probationary sentence, said Lisa Pinto, spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office.
Pinto said Davis was also ordered to take anger management classes and write a letter of apology to the victim.
In January 2011, Davis shot and killed two men in Lahore whom he assumed were trying to rob him.
Davis, who was working in Pakistan at the time under a CIA contract with Xe Services, the controversial private security firm formerly known as Blackwater, said he acted in self-defense.
He was acquitted of murder and allowed to leave Pakistan after a $ 2.3 million payment was made to the deceased’s families.


  1. What a joke, Raymond Davis sent to jail for two years by a court in Denver, USA, alledged to be assulting a Colorado man in a dispute over a parking spot. And yet not long ago the same gentleman killed two men in Lahore whom he assumed were trying to rob him. He was auquitted of muder and allowed to leave Pakistan honourably. Amazing difference between the justice system of the two countries.

  2. These are two separate issues and separate justice systems.
    No need for any comparison.
    There was no need to put this news on the website of PT.

  3. Raymond Davis had the hangover of power and being above the Law, based on his Pakistan's experience. Now the reality has dawned on him that a land without law and a country where no one is above the law are entirely two different worlds.

  4. read it carefully , He is not sent to Jail but on probation to take classes. its pitty that he get two years for assaulting a fellow American! but he gets nothing after killing two Pakistanis in braod day light! our political clowns are insult to our nation!

    vote for right people in next election!

  5. Davis is ugliest representation of american arrogance, always going violent solution to any problem is never a real solution.

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