1. The rapist has a mental disorder, an inferiority complexed individual who gets pleasure from inflicting pain. There are many of this scum bags doing regular jobs. Many rapists were caught in PIA, but let go, because the female co-worker was not willing to file a written complaint for obvious reasons. Some of these mental disorders retired honourably.

  2. Like your style my friend! No BS and straight out of the smokin barrel. Stay cool and keep writing. Salam from tokyo.

  3. neo liberal refers to a set of economic policies – not a social or humanitarian view. assistant news editor fail.

  4. PT, Please take this article off. Apart from the fact this is perhaps one of the worst written articles I have read (What does he think “neo liberals” mean?? and 7 inch heels are common??) it is insulting to every woman and man. His condescendin tone to the “adult” victim as if not being an impressionable child means being brutally raped must be a responsibility shared by the victim herself. Fire this writer from your team if you have any sense PT

  5. holy.cow. Is this PT's way of getting more hits on their page? not all publicity is good publicity guys. i think an apology is in order.
    of all the things that are wrong in this piece, let me point to the most obvious and common one:
    "It’s two-faced when these very liberals demand acceptance of homosexuals. Many believe that there behaviour is also not normal according to norms accepted since centuries. Neo-liberals’ reason? It’s an individual’s will to choose his leanings.
    Well, is it then a rapist’s right to opt to rape if society were to accept anything individuals deemed right to indulge in? I think not."

    So you are equating a relationship between two consenting adults with rape?

  6. Does anyone read/edit articles before they are printed??????!!! Even a 7 year old with regular language skills would not let this one go, and I am not even talking of the content yet!

  7. This writer does not know the meaning of the word 'neo-liberal' (defines adherents to a particular economic doctrine), but also shows the sick mind of the quintessential Pakistani man. The entire op-ed is an apology for the rapist and blaming the victim. A disgusting read.

  8. His opening statement mentions "no ifs and buts" and then he goes on and does just that…! How does this even get published? How is he even an Assistant News Editor? *sigh*

  9. Butt sb should also familiarize himself with rape statistics. The kind of incident he mentions is an exception rather than the rule. Many, if not most rapes occur in homes and often by people sharing that home (as high as 10%). Sexual crimes against children are overwhelmingly carried out by family members/first degree relatives. So how does he propose one can prevent incidents such as rape by family members – what safety precautions would he like to propose to a 9 year old girl child being molested by an elder male family member? Is it not society's responsibility to try and prevent that?

  10. You can't be a rational and a Wahabi/Salafi at the same time. The author of this ridiculous article proves that.

  11. “pissed off drunk and ….” yes because ONLY rapists and rape apologists end up taking advantage of people being drunk and making it a oh-not-so-big-deal

  12. Excellently written. Liberals can’t stomach the truth and are now resorting to abusing you on Twitter! Keep up the good work.

    • do some research and see how many children are being raped in this country and then comment. I dont think u would like this article so much if ur five year old daughter got raped. Would u blame her for wearing revealing clothes? or for being liberal?

  13. So the ones who do not wear a seven inch heal and still get violated or those who do not speak a single word of English are raped, what do you say to that Butt Sahib? Sir as much as you and I may disagree on the take of West on the issue. The fact remains the same, rape is a heinous crime and it stems from an individual rejection of another person’s fundamental rights. So please rethink.

  14. I have a better story. Once an Orangutan escaped from a zoo… and then PT hired him to fill up it’s empty space with trash like this.

  15. You are no less a criminal than the rapist . Male chauvinist society is built around people like you.

  16. I have a better story. Once an orangutan escaped from a zoo… and then PT hired him to fill their empty space with trash like this.

  17. Unbelievable! What a shameful display of ignorance, rape apology, homophobia, Pakistan Today should apologize for publishing such insensitive opinion pieces. Women bring rape upon themselves do they? So the 8 year old girls who get raped, its their own fault is it?

  18. This is what happens when people who can't find a job anywhere else start posing as journalists.

  19. If you are equating homosexuality (consensual behavior between two adults) to rape(complete and utter violation of a persons rights) then Sir you are seriously lacking in neurons. Not only is your argument flawed on multiple levels, it lacks even basic coherence.
    Bu the way this bile of an article is exactly what you call a rape apologist.

  20. Well at least the silver lining in the SP's daughter getting raped is that you could use it to bash her and her parent's ideologies. Class act! Good show sir. And obviously homosexuality is the same as rape! I assume we should sever their manhood on street corners as well alongside the rapists because damn those human rights wanting bastards. A girl wearing jeans in public? she might as well be prepping her posterior for a known predator.

    I don't mind that you have this opinion, I do however question PT for even considering this as publishable material. It's fatalists like you who have justified cancers like Zia to ruin this nation and justified every blow to our freedoms by blaming the victims. Please keep these ideologies within your household where your oppressive mindset has a place.
    Take care.

  21. Here is the gist of the article: The author rants on "neo-liberals" for half of the article without properly defining what a neo-liberal is (his definition is someone who wears designer brands with seven inch heels). His stance on rapists, "Those poor rapists, why should they have to control their urge to rape, they are sick individuals… a woman should avoid getting rape". And he is also a flaming homophobe as he also compares homosexuality to rape. So it's a poorly written article, full of cliches and bigoted views. Not much to discuss here.

  22. An excellent depiction of what’s happening in our society, if you can shown some turish dramas of mother dating in front of her daughters and people bosing openly giving pakistans the view that this is the liberal islam, than open your eyes to the reality. If you say dressing up like west than swaalow this also that west do not care for these things too, as at high school no body stays virign. Than don’t scream on this

    • u think the west does not care about rape and rights of women? have u ever lived in the west? if u even try to touch a girl here without her consent u can go to jail in the blink of an eye, and NO ONE will ask her what she was wearing and what she was drinking. Please dont talk such rubbish!

    • Dude what chromosome are you missing? What have turkish dramas got to do with something as heinous as Rape ? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever !

  23. I could not make out if this article is in defense of rapist or against the sexual promiscuity of victims but it is appalling how callous and emotionally detached the writer is about the adult victims. I also failed to understand how Neo-liberalism is linked with the subject matter. I'm surprised that such an incoherent and pathetic article found its was on this site.I sincerely hope that "Pakistan Today" will improve its journalistic standards and give due respect to their online readers.

  24. The title makes my head spin, protip to the author you can’t write for shitgiles you are better of being a pani puri vendor in a road side shop and I say this at most respect.

  25. How do you describe the rape of the 11 year old? How would you have described, if it was SP's son in the same situation with a homo rapist? What if Mehak herself would have escaped with money/jewellery after poisoning the SP's daughter? And how do you know what the SP's daughter said to her parents? Or just because she was not an 11 year old, you are sure, the imaginary rape scene in your mind would have been enacted in that house?_It's a disgusting article of an ignorant VAW apologist, who wants to hide his misogyny behind pseudo-smart arguments. Disgusting also, because women, known to you, will never report violence against them to you, knowing well that you blame the victim.

  26. perhaps some one should knock some sense into this guy with that same seven inch heel he was talking about….

  27. Terrible accuse for journalism. If PT does not take action against this man, it would be disappointing. This my message to PT: You have hired a rape apologist and misogynist, this man should never have been let close to a column. Your op-ed desk has failed in providing the public service of good journalism. I think civil society and others should launch a complaint and campaign against such editorial policies.

  28. Did you just equate homosexuality with rape? Not only is that is that the world's most insulting analogy, it's a good example of what liberals DO get right: the fact that homosexual acts are voluntary, consensual, and rape is coercion. The reason we shouldn't be focusing dialogue on women being careful is that for far too long, society has teetered on almost blaming the woman for being a rape victim. You don't have to look far to find a man refocusing the dialogue on what a woman SHOULD do rather than doing actively something to PROTECT women. Case in point: this article.

  29. the sick state of mind is clear from this article ,very disappointing read indeed disrespect to civilization

  30. This is disgusting. Shameful that such a hateful diatribe was even published. The writer is also clearly targetting a colleague which is clear sexual harassment. What's most disgusting is that the paper has allowed a man to target a woman within their own organisation in print. This is why we have such a rampant rape culture- we find it ok to perpetuate it.

  31. Chalo jee so S E X (which is mostly consensual) is censored but rape isn't. You guys deserve an award. Seriously!

  32. the individual who penned this screed should be prevented from mating, lest he pass on his genes and continue burdening mankind with that abomination.

  33. It's sad that senior journalists such as Arif Nizami have bred such a culture in his newsroom. This man is neither coherent and has caused irreparable hurt to all women in Pakistan and abroad, who are constantly at odds with the misogynists and chauvinists. This man has to be severely reprimanded.

  34. RIP Pakistan Today. This should be the proverbial last straw. Close down your business instead of publishing such bullcrap.

  35. Gotta agree with Nabiha here.

    Also, I hope the article stays published…just so it can accumulate nasty but well-deserved comments, and stands as testimony to why this country so desperately needs feminists and "neo-liberals", whatever that is..

  36. Butt saab harakiri is strongly recommended for you it will solve all your problems and everyone else's too!

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