All transporters do is increase fares


Even after the announcement of withdrawal of the increase in petrol prices by the prime minister, transporters in Punjab have refused to withdraw the increase in fare that they announced after the increase in petrol prices, Pakistan Today has learnt.

The source said that Transport Chairman Azeem Khan Nayazi illegally increased the fares upto 5 to 6 percent on Friday late night due to price hicks in diesel while Rs 50 to Rs 85 were increased in the inter-city fare.

Private transport companies also increased the fares by Rs 4 to 5 within the city.

Source said that the private transporters had warned of a wheel jam strike of the prices were not increased.

“Even though the PM has taken the order back, he will increase the prices again in a few days,” a citizen named Adnan told Pakistan Today, adding that even though the Punjab chief minister had announced that the metro bus fare would not be increased, this would not control inflation.

“Every politician is running after their own benefits and we are sick of reading their hollow statements in the newspapers,” he added.

“Citizens need to take action against such injustice otherwise the rulers will keep robbing us,” another citizen said, adding that the rising inflation was the reason why crime rate had increased.

“It is good that the PM has taken the increase back and we too don’t want the prices to be increased,” said Amjad Ali, a transporter, adding that the prices of everything would increase if petrol prices were increased. He said that the transporters were bound to increase the fares with an increase in petrol prices because they had to make the ends meet also.

“If the PM does not increase the prices again, we will also consider taking back the increase in fares,” an official of the Mini Transporters Council said.



  1. Best way to control is to create more competition among the transporters on a given route or in a given city. More competition, less chance for prices to increase.
    That should be the job of the Govt.

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