Plea filed against ban on construction near Jati Umra


A petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court (LHC) challenging a ban on new housing schemes around Jati Umra.

The petition was filed by Noshab A Khan, President Public Interest Litigation Forum, who submitted that the City District Government administrator through a notification on February 4 had frozen the development of new housing schemes in thousands of acres of land around Jati Umra and practically turned it into a buffer zone.

“It is an attempt to cordon off and earmark the subject area as an entire state for political the figures who live in the area,” he added.

He submitted that the act was in sheer violation of rights of people living in the area. “The aim of the notification is to stop land owners from constructing homes and utilising facilities which were made available after spending public exchequer,” he added.

The petitioner contended that the notification was issued against the rules and regulations.

He pleaded the court to set aside the notification.