Joint counter terrorism exercise in Karachi


In the wake of new security challenges posed by extremist, a joint counter terrorism exercise was held under the aegis of Corps Headquarters in Karachi on Friday.

Army and Rangers participated in the exercise. They were aided by Sindh police, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation fire brigade and ambulance services. The exercise was aimed at tackling the terror threat by incorporating joint response in an effective manner. Highly trained Army troops of a Light Commando Battalion showed commendable agility and swift response to take on the simulated threat while troops from Rangers and police secured the peripheries.

In a mock up drill, the hostages were rescued and evacuated immediately through ambulance service. Fire tenders also assisted in containing the projected damage to the entrances. The exercise was observed by senior military officials.


  1. this so called sham democracy ,rule of dynasty,landlords,influentials has devastated the city,The CM of sindh has been here for 5 years not able to control terror,killing and robbery,so why people keep him in the post or why people become so naive to elect this inefficient power hungry looters fit for nothing.military rule gives better law and order and jobs rather than this polliticians who favour their partymen,their leaders,their famlly rule ,this systme is not suitable to pakistan.

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