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Elephant in the room

He’s deadly when he gnashes his teeth

Pak Zoo was carved out of Hind Zoo in 1947, when the imperialistic British zoo-owners got bored of toying with the inhabiting animals, and decided to abscond from animal parks all over the world. For the decade or so leading up to the British selling Hind Zoo, it was clear that the zoo’s ownership would be returned to the locals, but the dynamics of the final deal weren’t quite as unambiguous. After much deliberation and debate, the future of Hind Zoo hinged over the fate of one animal, an elephant named Malsi.

Malsi was born in Saudi Arabia, what seems like ages ago, and was brought to the subcontinent by Arab warriors, who used him to destroy any resistance that they faced in their long journey. Malsi encouraged their imperialistic cravings – among other fetishes – as he stampeded over anyone who denounced the Arabs or didn’t accept the elephant as the supreme authority. After reaching the subcontinent, Malsi first threatened to ‘Arabanise’ Hind, but when that didn’t materialise he found acquiescing followers who ended up creating a whole new zoo for Malsi.

Despite being bestial, perilous and ferocious, Malsi mustered a massive fan following after his arrival in the region. His fans were extremely loyal and made sure – some inadvertently, others intentionally – that Malsi was always depicted as a humble and peaceful creature, which in turn ensured that the aficionados grew in numbers. It was believed that Malsi wouldn’t get proper coverage in Hind because of the presence of other star animals, and hence a struggling lawyer named A M Hannij, taking inspiration from an incoherent poet Labqi, decided to give his own career a massive boost by leading the movement for a separate zoo where Malsi would hog the limelight. But bizarrely, following Pak Zoo’s creation, Hannij addressed the zoo’s management committee on August 11, 1947 announcing how everyone in Pak was free to follow any animal they wanted, much to the bemusement of the committee. 65 years down the line, Hannij’s summersault is still being debated as zoo commentators continue to mull over Pak Zoo’s raison d’etre.

Regardless of what the founding fathers intended, Malsi remains the star of the show in Pak Zoo. His dangerous self is preserved under the pretentious shroud of tranquility as he continues to live in a gargantuan room, designed exclusively to cater to his needs, with other inhabitants being sidelined in crammed cages. Malsi is as popular as ever, and is the centre of just about everything associated with Pak. Throughout the past 65 years or so Malsi has been forced into matters that have got nothing to do with him, and as a result Pak Zoo is taking a nosedive into crisis upon crisis with the Malsi obsession precipitously accelerating. And as the obsession escalates, what no one is realising is that there is no bigger predicament facing Pak than Malsi – the reason behind the zoo’s inception.

From Pak Zoo’s Subjective Solution in 1949 to 1973’s Zoo License Act, Malsi has always been thrust upon the way the zoo would be governed. When you keep a precarious monster, nourish it, make it the be-all end-all of your foundation and then pretend that it’s passive and tranquil, you’re obviously laying the groundwork for eventually being eaten up by the beast. And that is precisely what Malsi has been doing, as we turn a blind eye to the elephant in the room.

Pak Zoo has become a haunted place, with inexplicable occurrences becoming a norm in Malsi’s room. There are mysterious killings, murders, rapes, incidents of violence and bloodshed all over the place, and all in the room belonging to Malsi – the animal of peace. In October last year, Alalam, a 15-year-old school girl was attacked; the previous year a politician named Namlas Reesat was hunted down; the same year, Pak’s representative for other animals, Zabhahs, was killed, and these are just a few high profile cases among incidents of brutality that occur every single day in the zoo. And despite all evidence pointing towards Malsi as the culprit – who would readily accept the blame if anyone bothered checking– the zoo authorities find someone else to point fingers at and ignore the elephant in the room.

Another mindboggling reality about Malsi’s viciousness is that he doesn’t even spare his own followers. The thing is, Malsi’s followers are divided into a plethora of groups and every one of them takes Malsi’s help to butcher the rest. And so, Malsi has helped cement the discriminatory lines that were drawn by the Arabs to distinguish themselves from the rest, and has created hostile divides among its own followers as well. One can gauge the loyalty of Malsi’s followers by the fact that despite being pulverised by the elephant they refuse to abandon their allegiance to Malsi. Perhaps it’s more of a case of loyalty towards your own group, in some cases, more so than any diehard faithfulness with regards to the elephant, which has seen the powerful sects massacre the rest through Malsi.

The Malsi apologists are an interesting creed as well, who despite being vociferous flag-bearers of the elephant’s superiority, never actually pay him a visit. Nevertheless they claim that they know more about Malsi, than those who interact with him on a daily basis. The apologists tow the “animal of peace” line, and conjure nonsensical counter-explanations every time Malsi does someone in. These apologists are a funny lot, they raucously condemn Malsi’ victims and extol the elephant at the same time. They highlight Hannij’s August 11 speech to claim that Pak wasn’t created for Malsi and ignore the lawyer’s speeches over the preceding decade. They assert that everyone should be allowed to follow the animals of their choice, and forget that if that were the case Malsi would never have reached their zoo in the first place. The apologists paint a beautiful picture whenever Malsi smiles, and close their eyes when he gnashes his teeth.

Pak has been feeding and grooming the elephant for 65 years, and in turn paying heavily for the ensuing destruction. The zoo has paid no regard to the animals that have inhabited it for centuries, and has completely destroyed its cultural essence to accommodate a foreign species. It is obvious that Pak can no longer carry Malsi’s weight; it is obvious that Pak can no longer afford being obliterated from the core; it is obvious that Pak can no longer bear Malsi’s violent antics; it is obvious that Pak cannot continue to ignore the elephant in the room; and it is extremely obvious that for Pak Zoo to live on, Malsi must depart.

The writer is a financial journalist and a cultural critic. Email: [email protected], Twitter: @khuldune


  1. Snow said:

    I think this article might have surpassed everything you've ever written. Although it won't affect Malsi the slightest, unfortunately. Malsi is not just a ferocious animal, it's a drug.
    Amazing article, regardless.

    • Man said:

      The problem with Pakistanis is " denial of their past". Everything before arrival Islam is portrayed in bad taste. Stop for a moment and think about it. Dont try to Arabise yourselves. If the arabs really beleived in Ummah – you guys would not have had to take a visa to go to their countries. Arabs are using the religion wherever it is beneficial to them. And the amount of atrocities they committed against our ancestors is unparalled in the history of mankind. Remember – it was spread by sword!

    • ali said:

      i feel fatwa on the line,marsi might interpreted as messiah of human race, ,pakistan is notorious for killing innocent just being implicated by illiterate mullah,,,beware of mlllah animal

  2. SAM said:

    I think one should better study some thing before holding it responsible for every bad thing that is around. Khuldune you are great writer, i read your articles almost regulary here. But my humble suggestion to you, is my friend you need to do some research on why you are here in this world…? Where did you come from..? What is the purpose of you being here…? I hope in finding answers to these questions, you'll get to know better about Malsi.

    • Anoop Saxena said:

      “Where did you come from..? What is the purpose of you being here…? ” … And somehow Islam knows that? Why? Because some stupid man who raped a 9 year old said so?

    • Ashok said:

      Everything in this world is created my men including all the religions. Does any body has the evidence, scientific or logical answer to that something is revealed by the God to some one, nothing is there to prove. Only people with poor will power tend to except such nonsense.

      • desi said:

        Thats a load coming from someone who worships something carved out of a stone.

        • An atheist said:

          Why do you assume that he worships statues? Did you consider he might be atheist or may have some different belief system? Did you think that he might not follow any religion altogether, that he might be follower of science? He might have been born in a society where many people worship stone carved statues, but he does not.
          Think about these questions before giving these kind of replies, which are devoid of anything logical and conclusive.

          P.S: There is nothing wrong with harmless deed worshiping statues or offering Namaz 5 times a day, if its not accompanied by mindless acceptance of harmful things

        • Anu said:

          That someone who sees the divine in the stones, is also pure hearted enough to accept and respect all religions, the concept of which cannot be understood by the arrogant followers of one particular religion who r ready to butcher those who do not think like them. Btw, Who are you to limit God? What makes you think God does not have the power to come down to those who worship him with pure heart in any form? …Those who worship idols, nature and the creations of God are not known in the world for their intolerance and violence, the rest of you are. Think about it.

        • dada said:

          The load can be from a person who has gone beyond limitations of senses (mind included) as Khurshid explains here dailymotionDOTcom/video/xvz4yn_ancient-indian-scientists-were-all-rishis-with-high-spiritual-powers-technology-of-spirituality_news

    • Khurram said:

      Did you do research before writing this load? And concluded that you are made to worship Malsi? Life is short, don't waste in following stone-age, immoral myths!

  3. Ain Kay said:

    Satire in its finest form! Malsi died and decomposed in the soil of this country. Therefore, every seedling that sprouts here is infected with this disease.

  4. shahid said:

    i dont know how much time will take to clean pak zoo,when hind zoo created simultaneously is doing better

    • fuckruddin gandh said:

      apparantly, ziauddin gazi aka jawaharuddin nehru, the hind zookeeper kept his fellow animals in hindustan as scorpion in armpit, which are ferociously breeding, whereas adivasi sanatani animals in porki zoo have been raped/killed/converted. you, the writer, I can see and feel are rajput. understand your real roots.

  5. Naeem Shamim said:

    The zoo needs to be closed down …. on the same lines as was done in 1971

  6. Gaurav said:

    I am from the India Zoo, that was handed over to Indians from the British, just like the Pak Zoo. But unlike the Pak Zoo, we have a vast space here for rich biodiversity that includes many animals like Udnih, Niaj, Hkis, Ahddub, Naitsirhc, Israp and Iahab. We also have the Malsi species here.
    Malsi is as ferocious here as he is in Pak but because he is small in size, he generally gets a violent reaction by other animals when he tries to hunt them, after which Malsi claims that though he stands for peace, other animals always suppress him. Among other animals Niaj, Ahddub, Israp and Iahab are mild timid animals who don't have much violent history and are generally away from animal fightings. But the Hkis and Udnih species are powerful and retaliate when Malsi tries to attack them. But Indians must beware that Malsi is growing and is getting powerful. Malsi also gets support from other Malsi species in other zoos (like Pak zoo).

    • Neutral said:

      Udnih & Hkis also have a past in the Hind zoo.
      Right wings with their Udnih ideology want a udnih state and Hkis wanted a separate state too. However, the Malsi of Hind in particular had no history of domestic voilence until provoked in the form of 1993 riots and demolision of their monumental sites. Hence the home grown wild animals. We all have skeletons in our coffers. Lets be fair.

    • Khurram said:

      Guarav, it's very difficult to go beyond one's biases and criticize the systems of which one is a part, the writer of the article did just that, for which he is to be commended. But you liked the article because you are entrenched in your own biases. Absolving Hinduism of the bad things cause by it in Indian society by saying it just attacks when Islam first hurts it. Every religion is negatively correlated with society's moral decadence, and Hinduism is up there in these animals when it comes to intolerance. Recently Shiv Sena's band reacted like animals when a Muslim girl wrote on facebook that there was no point in having a day officially off to mourn Thakrey's death. And police even arrested the girl And here in Pakistan I'm always criticizing religion and religious leaders on facebook, and this guy is writing so boldly against Islam here. You'd look better rising to the level of this man a see the fallacy of your faith too!

      • Stagg Mann said:

        Khurram I agree with you. Its warming to see someone from the other side of the border take blame for the atrocities. And you have a point about the Sena, though I would like to clarify that those and many other atrocities in India are government-motivated, and not religion-motivated (another example- Aditi restaurant).

      • Malay Deb said:

        Respect sir. Very well said. From a like minded Indian who is a Hindu by accident of birth.

    • Udnih said:

      Woh ! You hit the nail on the head about MALSI !

  7. Sameer said:

    What a daring piece. I hope the malsi elephant doesn't crush you as it does ever always.

  8. humanbeing said:

    the drug which is sold is marsi originated in distant land called arabia sans any comonsense , without any logic,reason ,if some raise finger,his head will be chopped off,so it power supression and ignorance existed for ages,,how long it will bring diasaster to poor,weak ,minority is stilltobe seen,humanbeing really has mind to thing beyond small drug,,

  9. Biju Krishnan said:

    Fortunately for the author, the extremists in Kap do not have the brains to interpret the hidden meaning

  10. viti99 said:

    Dude, are you insane.
    Did you forget the undeclared rule that the elephant must not be named.
    Keep yourself safe.
    Other wise we will also be reading about some Rawnuk Enudluhk Dihahs who lsot his freedom because of some article in the newspaper.

  11. Intisar said:

    Daring! Daring!
    However, I encourage the students of our own history to recognise that "Malsi's" first act of discrimination, violence, and persecution after 1947 was directed against a rare breed known as "Idamha". Malsi wanted to stampede the "Idamha" out of the pack. Malsi connived with other animals to kick this breed out. That connivance against all civility created a general atmosphere of hate and intolerance. Another animal "Ottuhb"
    with the help of Malsi succeeded in kicking this breed out of the pack. Now Malsi felt really powerful and omnipotent. With continued connivance, Malsi and Aiz working in tandem got busy in recreating a zoo that was unlike before; the zoo became more ferocious and intolerant by the day. After successfully kicking out the "Idamha", Malsi got busy after the "Saihs". The zoo saw the bloody ferociouness in last few weeks and the drama contimues. Malsi smiles. And the apologists wring their paws and wonder out loud "what can we do?"

    • Anurag Singh said:

      And the Irony is that Idamha still worship malsi. 🙁

  12. Shiva said:

    If the people of pakistan want a peaceful and prosperous future like rest of the humanity the only option is to send Malsi back to Arabia where it belongs. Then let the native species come back and take its rightful place.

  13. virkaul said:

    Incredible way of describing the story. It needs guts. Only if people could understand the spirit behind the article.

  14. Rajagopal said:

    The writer has a lot of guts to openly say that "The Emperor has no clothes". The rest of the crowd are pretending that the Emperor is wearing fine clothes made out of gold and silver……and admiring him.
    I pray for the safety and well being of the writer.

  15. Ghazi said:

    I am shocked that Pakistan Today can publish such filth which is not just fitnah, but total irtidad. Shahid is a murtad, and not fit to live, at least in Pakistan. He should move to Hindu Zoo.

    • Sunshine said:

      Shahid is exactly the type of refugee Canada now accepts. Although Canada no longer accepts muslim immigration from islamic lands (only persecuted Christians are accepted) since they truly are not refugees, this would be a case Canada would accept.

      We, in Canada, are now only accepting bright and talented immigrants. Shadid fits the bill perfectly.

  16. Tanvir said:

    Hope Mr. Shahid doesn't live in Pakistan. We don't want to see another unexplicable death of a journalist.

  17. Vineet said:

    Kunwar, you are a brave man indeed to criticise so openly. A t least it is good to sse that little bit of internal criticism is allowed in Pakistan.

  18. Basit said:

    The author is lacking a realistic level of nuance that is needed even to understand the situation. He makes no distinction between Malsi and its purported mahouts such as the Nabilat and the Hallum.

    He also makes a grave mistake in overemphasizing the role of Arab and Arabian culture due to Malsi in the Indian Subcontinent. Aside from the initial forays into Dins, the promoters of Malsi were largely the Central Asians, and their culture and language dominated the corridors of power and the cultural elites. Hind was really never Arabanized, but surely Persianized.

    Also its hard to corroborate that Hannij was a struggling lawyer, or that Labiq was incoherent incoherent. Constant name-calling and derision of Malsi made me feel bad for him. Interesting experiment in storyboarding, but bordering ordinary in quality.

  19. Shine said:

    If you are Pakistan-based, LEAVE as soon as possible for your own safety. Malsi's unthinking followers are known to commit murder for much pettier reasons.

  20. Zzjjjj said:

    Well you have written about Malsi what about other star animals (they aren't doing any better) ? Or you are just scared!!!!

    • Baz said:

      Scared!?!? Are you kidding me? How many followers of other star animals are known to kill people who speak out against them? If there is any physical danger to anyone it is speaking out against Malsi.

  21. Ghalsi said:

    Every animal is created for a purpose and when that purpose is served it's creator helps it become extinct. Malsi was born in dark age of kaliyug. It had a nice simple message of equality, worship without rituals and remembering the creator 5 times a day. It was a simple way for people to evolve in Kaliyug where people are not capable of higher practices. Lots of souls got a one time chance to evolve in kaliyug via Malsi. Those were it's positives

    On the negative side, Malsi spread with violence and by subjugation of others. That technique worked well for a while because the creator had a larger objective in mind. But account of that voilent karma was recorded and the payment will be returned with interest in the coming days.

    Malsi's own messenger, said Malsi as per creator will last 1000 yrs. He asked for 500 yrs of grace period for Malsi. To that point the Malsi spread like fire initially but it's great empires the Ottoman and Mughal empires both collapsed/lost their glory in the end of 1600's thereby fulfilling the 1000 yr glory prophecy. Last 500 yrs Malsi has survived on sheer grace of the creator (Oil etc). The end time of Malsi has now arrived along with the end time of another friend "Salsi" that originated in the same place as Malsi. Malsi & Salsi both love voilence & aggression. In the coming days as Salsi looses it's $$ sheen it (and it's supporters) will clash with Malsi (and friends). The end.

    Their followers in Bharat are seeing their last days of glory. The Hind Zoo is about to be cleansed. The process will be very violent and disturbing. From that process will emerge a world leader that will lead the world with compassion and once again ferry billions to the source of creation across the ocean of Life & Death.

    And the cycle continues……

    • Asim said:

      NIce dream. Unfortunately the disease is here to stay !

    • Anon said:

      Oh no!
      Pathetic urge to publicize the brilliance of your mind …

  22. Dr Ishaq said:

    Mr Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, I salute you for writing this. And in case you're living in Pakistan than my admiration for you is many times more. Pakistan needs people like you.

  23. Indian said:

    U r bold, daring but I sincerely request u to be safe. If every Malsi follower thinks as u do, the day is not far when Malsi will indeed be a humble and peacful loving creature as they are depicted. Animals are rising and they will surely turn to human beings 1 day. Being one of the first animal to realise that, I salute you!!!

  24. Mohammad said:

    No No. It is shame to denounce great people and great jobs done by them in this way. The world is not like a zoo. Allah Almighty has created us for some reasons and we are joking in such a way. Shame, Shame, Shame……………

    • Sunshine said:

      Mohammad: You, like most smilsum, have not developed a brain of your brain that relates to critical thinking, which is forbidden in malsi. It is atrophied. This is why you can't think out of the box.

      Critical thinking is essential to evolution and the success of any culture depends on it.

  25. Twig said:

    Amazing. Great article by Kuldune. The Morality argument and
    “what is the meaning of Life” argument should not be the reason for the people to believe in a religion which was originated by Hallucinations of a Human in Arabia.

    Peace. Meaning of Life. Morals. Happiness. Quest for the knowledge. Solace. Humaneness. All these are possible by Reason and Logic. No need of resorting to a useless “Scripture” called naruQ

  26. Ibrahim said:

    Hats off to you Kunwar …. But no one knows how to send the Malsi back. It is very strong. It is unfortunate for the Pak Zoo.

  27. Proud Pakistani said:

    Thank you Kunwar. We need more people in Pakistan to realize the truth about Malsi. Malsi is a very very dangerous animal.

  28. Manuel said:

    Kunwar ?? this name sound like some hindu prince .

    • Anon said:

      Watch what you are implying …
      Hindus might take credit for having one more good soul …
      Also, he writes well …

  29. Ayesha said:

    Please take a course in history. It wasn't the Arabs who conquered India and converted it to Islam. They were invaders from Central Asia who just happened to be of the Muslim faith. They did not conquer in the name of religion but for geo-political- economic reasons. If they had come to spread the faith through violence how come they didn't establish a Caliphate? How come they didn't convert every single of the native inhabitants by force? I agree with you that we have allowed Religion to dominate the polity but it is not the fault of past invaders.

    • Anu said:

      They converted everyone who came in their path, the entire Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, much of Northern India, and major portions of South India got converted. The caliphate did not happen because there was a lot of resistance from Hindu Kings, several lives have been lost to retain the Vedic civlization that would and could have become extinct in India like it did in Iran, Iraq, Egypt etc.

    • Anon said:

      Try 'Prozac' (a multi-faceted anti-depressant), if you are suffering …

  30. Vendetta said:

    well , you are true Vendetta of Pakistan.

    i hope malsi followers wouldn’t offer you ticket to hell for this article . be safe and try to create your own group which will help you to “Change”/spread awareness about what makes you feel uncomfortable about your religion.

  31. Sidra said:

    Wooowwwww! This article is a dynamite!!! Islam is the root cause of all evil here. We Pakistanis need to accept this bitter truth and soon. And about the misinterpretations, why is it always Muslims that misinterpret their religion to bomb buildings and people, there must be something wrong in the religion.

  32. Sunshine said:

    At first, one doesn't realize it. Then, it hits you! What a wonderful way to pass your message. Brilliant. May God keep you safe.

  33. sherry said:

    Well enough said , if Islam is all that bad , I just want to know why it is the fastest spreading religion all over the world , be it USA , France , etc etc , even after 9/11 .

    • Sunshine said:

      Who says it is? Islamic groups. From what I've been reading, Christianity has suddenly had a bounce.

      With islam, what happens is the amount of kids they produce and the males search out non-muslim females for future muslim baby production machines. They thought that by invading Europe and multiplying through the wombs of their females, they would conquer the continent one day. Somehow, this strategy is starting to backfire.

      Third-generation muslim families everywhere are not baby-producing machines. They become educated in the West and we all know that education is the key to many positives. Many muslims are no longer practicing and many are also becoming apostates as well as converting to Christianity. Few people speak about this.

      Finally, in China, there is now this trend for underground Christian worship in neighbourhoods. The same in Iran. These are being used by muslims converts to Christianity. So, all is not all that bleak. I predict islam is starting towards a very slow implosion.

      • Shariquddin said:

        Sunshine has hit the nail in the head.
        Who are the people saying that Islam is the fastest growing religion? Islamic groups, of course.
        They deliberately ignore two major factors.
        a) Large number of Muslims are dying in conflicts. Ironically at the hands of the dominant Islamic groups.
        b) Vast number of Muslims in Africa, Iran and other countries are moving towards Atheism and Christianity.

        • sherry said:

          seriously , I see at least ten people converting every Friday at the Mosque here in USA , mostly whites .

          • Bama said:

            Of an estimated six million Muslims in France, about 100,000 are thought to be converts, compared with about 50,000 in 1986, according to Mr. Godard. Muslim associations say the number is as high as 200,000.

          • Anon said:

            There is always some alienation in any given group of believers …
            In certain group, the 'cost of rebelling' (social, economic as well as physical) is low to bearable (like Buddhism, Christianity or Hinduism) …
            In other groups, the cost (condemnation and punishment) is very high to extreme (like Islam or orthodox Judaism) …
            In modern day's context, you can imagine how the balance will tilt …

    • Daryl said:

      Just do some research on net and you will find many Muslims who retain Muslim Names but have renounced Islam. Those who are in West are doing it more openly and while those in Muslim Countries stay quite, fearing for their lives.

  34. Ali said:

    Gutsy, sir, very very gutsy. I just wish everyone here in Pakistan reads this and then reads the scriptures in their language. They will know what the author is talking about. Wonderful writing.

  35. sherry said:

    What gutsy ? he doesn't even know the history properly , any one can write any crap about any religion not a big deal

    • Jiten said:

      Care to enlighten us about those supposed inaccuracies in his knowledge? I tend to agree with whatever the author's written. Very bold write up and dare I say, even path-breaking.

  36. mistletoegoddess said:

    I understand your sentiment, but you are talking about religion departing a country ? As you condemn and leave no room for peace or salvation. So what then is your solution ? Communism ? Not sure that worked so well in some places

  37. freeha said:

    hey mr kunwar I have noticed your article due to 52 comments.These comments have forced me to read your article.I must say that you are a young writer but with sound knowlege.

  38. Ani said:

    It takes a creative mind to write such piece if you are writing from a faraway distant zoo from Pak zoo; but it take serious balls to write such a piece from Pak zoo.

  39. uzma said:

    Khuldune ! you have shown malsi his ultimate upcoming future,and now you need be retained behind him so that he can't hide himself anymore ……….big applause dear for another finest article I love it

  40. bama said:

    Why have you deleted my comments ? Are you scared of the facts or want to keep ur eyes closed

  41. Manikfan said:

    Dear Kunwar,

    Have you gone through Qur'an and hadith? I would urge you to read and understand them before making passing comments on a great religion. Islam cannot be blamed for the blunders that Muslims commit, like Hinduism cannot be blamed for blunders that hindus commit.

    If one gives even the superior most gadgets in the hands of a monkey, it may cause immence harm to that deice. That is what is happening for Islam in Pakistan as well as for Hinduism in India.

    All those Ibrahims, junaids and Alis getting kicks out Mr. Kunwar's denigration of Islam for cheap fame, i have question. Who compels them to remain as Muslims. Why don't they convert to a religion of their choice.

    If one is a true believer one would try to wrest the power authority from wrong hands and entrust it to right people whether it is in the case of religion or politics.

    I hope Mr. Kunwar would gather the guts to write about how the hind zoo came into existence after kicking out civilized non-hindu dravidians from Indus valley.

    • Napo said:

      I'm sorry sir but dravidians werent 'kicked' out of the country..they just moved to the southern part of the country!..Please get ur facts right!

  42. Khan said:

    This author is not only ignorant but he is also a criminal. Writing Islam is MALSI is in fact a crime. It's clearly blasphemy. And the New allowed his bullshit to be published.

  43. Kram said:

    But you missed out on the baboon in the zoo…..it escaped……was hired by PT…..and here we are……

    • Anon said:

      Go, grab the vacated cage — don't worry about the rest — it's not your thing …
      You are too much for your species …

  44. Shubra said:

    Islam is a very simple religion , Believe in one God , say prayers five times , give charity , perform Haj if you can afford and the last day of judgement . Way of life , don't cheat ,don't lie, don't kill , don't give false testimony don't gamble drink , keep clean , take no usury.
    what is so complicated about it that you are making it to be abstract . Get a life

    • Anon said:

      Not worthy a wall poster (even) …
      Learn, observe and say the whole truth …

  45. Javed said:

    This type of stereotyping about a great religion will make no harm to religion itself.Author why you blame everything on Islam.what about geo-political and economic interest that is so visible all around.The west has created fault line all over the world.what about IRAQ WAR THAT GOBBLE 5LAKH or more people and what About syria where Neocolonial design is creating havoc with so many lives.

    • Anon said:

      (To be impartial) Your second point has a lot of credibility — I agree …

  46. Khalid Hussain said:

    Hats off to not only the writer, but Pakistan Today as well. Thank you allowing freedom of speech in a country which has so little of it. Not many papers in the world – let alone Pakistan – would have published this. Thank you.

  47. Indian singh said:

    A Bhai, zara dekh kay chalo , agey he nahi piche bhee.

  48. zeeshan sheikh said:

    You tried to be funny but failed miserably. For a moment I thought you deserve to die. But then I recall a moment in islamic history, when The GOD gave the names of hypocrites to the Prophet (PBUH). he didn't order to kill anyone but rather he just preached for the good and leave the faith of hypocrites to the GOD.

    May you get what you deserve.

  49. Azeem said:

    Once again you have demonstrated your utter ignorance of the subject you so comprehensively condemn. The first mistake was your idea that Islam originated in Arabia a millenium ago. The first Prophet was Adam and I believe he was in Ceylon at first. For teh rest of the article please do some research and understand what you are criticizing, because what you wrote did not reaally argue against the religion of Islam at all. what you described was not Islam but a few zealots throughout history who cannot even be calle dfollowers of Islam. Also, I doubt that religious extremism is responsible for more deaths than other problems we face. And i doubt that it is Mullahs who are responsible for the gross misgovernance that has wrecked our history. Also, by your line of reasoning all humans should be eliminated since the kilers throughout history, especially those who dropped the nuclear bombs, called themselves humans, despite their inhumanity. It is not the fault of humanity, which does not propagate such atrocities, but the monster who calls himslef human

  50. Your Htaed said:

    can’t wait to see you die a dog’s death like those before you.

    • Anon said:

      Would you consider wearing the vest ???
      Here is your chance — 100 virgins waiting …

  51. Majid said:

    your article is mostly liked by indian hindus and they surely need you king of sick-minded people to demolish Islam and it's humble teaching.
    but ISHA-ALLAH you and your like-minded people will never succeed in your vicious purposes.

  52. Kashif said:

    Kunwar this is a splendid article! I don't have the courage to say this out in the open, but I agree with you hundred percent. What is more there are a lot of Pakistanis that believe this as well, but dont say it openly fearing death. This is why such sentiments are considered unusual. Trust me there are many people in Pakistan who are growing tired of Islam and its destruction. Well done!

  53. Anam said:

    Well done Khuldune! Wonderful satire. Please stay safe.

    • Anon said:

      Your point is understood …
      Although the set of (described) circumstances is narrow, the truth is undeniable …

  54. Centerleft said:

    Born in saudi ???? its was everywhere. But only way to defeat is education. Columns emotional but not well researched.

  55. Aurangzeb said:

    What the nonsense? I dont know how can one say this a great article? With due excuse the writer has no or very limited knowledge about relegions and nations, specially the Islam. He has just narrated a western thought about the social disputes of the east in a zoological way. Just could not understand the propoganda against the Islam.
    Dear Mr. Kunwar, dont be a muslim but try to remain a human.
    Actually someone said, " a man without religion is creation of circumstances."
    Being a good animal I Hope u won't mind.

    • Anon said:

      What, if others saw him speaking the truth …
      (read other comments before you)
      Your convictions are not vetted …

  56. Labrinto Loco said:

    I hope they are kissing your ssa for supporting them??

    • Fatima said:

      You need only be concerned with getting your ssa out of your daeh.

  57. Balbir pasha said:

    Hats off to you sir for writing such a bold article. Very few Ppl have the ability to introspect and accept their short comings. Please be safe as I wish to read more of you.

  58. SANDIP said:


  59. Faruk said:

    The only psychological reason behind the author's bitterness and vitriol against Malsi could be that Malsi had his huge _____ in the author's ____ since the day he started thinking. And even though he hates Malsi, but he cannot resist the temptation of Malsi's huge "fifth leg"going in his ass. The author is insecure and desperate for Malsi's attention.

  60. patnaikt said:

    Wonderful piece. Wonder whether it will lead to change in Pak or not but really a very bold article.

  61. Sumeet said:

    there are many like you who share the same thought but cannot do so in public due to the backlash from Malsi .,.. daring article .. keep safe Malsi is watching you ..
    When Malsi entered Iran it made everyone follow them … 100 % conversion in 17 years .. in Egypt full conversion in 15 years .. but indian zoo has some ferocious animals which ensured Malsi does not overpower them but the Malsi threat still looms

  62. simple human said:

    good depicting humour side of eroding bloodshed in pkistan in the name of mursi

  63. Atif said:

    I am sorry Mr. Khaldune there are numerous details you skipped delibrately to show your secular side. Good writer, bad thoughts.

  64. Atif said:

    This guy trying to copy another blog writer from Bangladesh.

  65. Salman Hafeez said:

    Malsi is responsible for the poverty, corruption, immorality and injustice meted out to the people of Pakistan? And not its ruling elite who have been abusing the great religion! You write well but I am not too sure if you think so well too.

  66. @nemonym said:

    Love from India!! Jug jug jiyo!!! One day we will reunite!! And laugh together, and allow no one to break us up again!!

  67. Rationalsoul said:

    You nailed it right. Very well written and to the core. Hope people realize the danger of Malsi and denounce and reject it soon so that both the zoos survive in harmony

  68. Malay Deb said:

    How much I wish Shahid was an Indian living in India and joining some of us who are fighting Hindu bigots, not with guns but with intellect.

  69. @chetan_naik said:

    It is surprising to see such wise and courageous minds in Pakistan, we only here Malsi supporters doing their glorious cimalsi acts.

  70. Zohaib said:

    It looks funny elephant in the room, we used to listen elephant jokes always.

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