Veena Malik enters record books for maximum kisses


Reality TV star turned Bollywood actor Veena Malik has apparently broken a Guinness world record of maximum kisses in a minute. And the actress claims to have broken Dabangg Salman Khan’s record of receiving maximum number kisses in a minute. “I made it…flattened Dabang khan’s GUINNESS record of 108…recvd 137 kisses in a mint…AND u got it all wrong it waz on my HAND!!! Salman was kissed by 108 children as part of a show, Guiness World Records – Ab India todega. But the Pakistani import, who is best remembered for her romance with Ashmit Patel in Bigg Boss 4, received 137 kisses by the contestants of a reality show on her birthday, which was on February 26.


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