US crashes Pakistan-Iran party


In its latest and most outright opposition of the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project, the US State Department on Wednesday said it was in Pakistan’s interest to avoid any activity that could invite sanctions.

The State Department said it was providing Pakistan with alternatives that would avoid any sanctions violation.

“We recognise that Pakistan has significant energy requirements but we really think there are other long-term solutions to Pakistan’s energy needs,” said deputy acting spokesman Patrick Ventrell.

“And so we’ve been assisting as a government to contribute to the alleviation of the energy crisis in Pakistan,” he said.

“It’s in their best interests to avoid any sanctionable activity, and we think that we provide and are providing a better way to meet their energy needs in some of the assistance we’re providing.”

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday urged the visiting Pakistani president to press ahead with a much-delayed $7.5 billion gas pipeline project despite US opposition.

In 2010, Iran and Pakistan agreed that Tehran would supply between 750 million cubic feet (21 million cubic metres) and one billion cubic feet per day of natural gas by mid-2015.

Islamabad has said it would pursue the project regardless of US pressure, saying the gas was needed to help Pakistan overcome its energy crisis that has led to debilitating blackouts and suffocated industry.

Iran has almost completed the pipeline work in its territory, but Pakistan has not yet started construction of 780 kilometers (490 miles) of the pipeline on its side, which is said to cost some $1.5 billion.

Sanctions-hit Iran finally agreed to finance one third of the costs of laying the pipeline through Pakistani territory to Nawabshah, north of Karachi, with the work to be carried out by an Iranian company.


  1. agar united state pak par senctions lagate hain to pak ko b chahye ke who neto ki supply line band kar de.state ki is press release se pata chalta hea ke who pak ki annkhun main dhool jhonk rahe hain agar hukmaran pak ke liye kuch karna chahte hain to awam ko is supply line ka faida milna chahye.

  2. Irfan, listen to me, Baggers can’t be choosers, think about it, as US said earlier, that they will make sure Pakistan will go back to stone age , Pakistan is (u r) nearly there without US trying, your politicians will take u their, u r already burning woods to cook food instead of gas or electricity, soon you will not b able to have cloths on you, but there are planty of trees in Pakistan?

  3. Let those private sanctions of one country known as USA unfold and we can respond in kind.

    Who the hell is an across the seven seas federation called US to tell us what and how to trade/deal and with our which neighbor and which one not ?

  4. India gets waiver from USA to import Oil from Iran, but Pakistan cant get its energy crises solved by importing gas from across the border! US sanctions are against companies who also trade with US, so it will not affect anyway. Plus its sanction are more of words than anything tangible!

  5. When it comes to dealing with the Americans, our leaders both civilian and military, should try to learn from the Israelis. Despite getting much more in aid than what our government gets from the US, in encounters with the US presidents, these are the Israeli prime ministers who dominate, and it is the same with Netanyahu and Obama. As a matter of fact, Barack Obama has proved himself to be the weakest of all presidents when it comes to Israel but even this meak President roars at us like lions, just because our leaders listen and do not have the courage to answer back, despite being in a commanding position.

    To make it worse, even a lowly American official can open his big mouth and say what he likes, and still be treated with utmost respect, even by the highest of our officials, during his visit to Pakistan. No wonder they take us for granted and feel free to say and do what they like with us. Obama and his gang seem to treat Pakistan simply as their backyard.

    Our present crop of leaders is an absolute shame for us, and we share the blame because we elected them. Hopefully, we will be more careful this time.


  6. What is the difference between US and Taliban.? One burn schools and the other starves us to death. We should put our foot down on this one-No exit till they behave

  7. It'd be something if all those who are 'sanctioned' by the West, just say to 'hell' with it, and just trade among themselves, using the dominant 'dollar' of the region. This sanctioning must end. It is horrible and stupid.

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