Land mafia grabs vast tract of land of state-run schools


Land mafia has illegally occupied land property worth billions of rupees in respect of 18 state run schools in Rawalpindi city due to negligence of district administration.

Despite clear directives from Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for recovery of the land from illegal possession of the land mafia, the district administration has not taken any action to comply with the orders.

Due to lack of any action from authorities, the land mafia has divided land into commercial plots and is selling them at costly rates. The affected educational institutions stand confined to only a few rooms after being deprived from vast amount of allocated land.

Occupation of massive land of government-run schools by land grabbers has undermined educational activities in these institutions due to availability of less space for the children in the rooms.

Citizens have demanded that the Punjab government should take measures for recovery of grabbed land from the clutches of land mafia.