Fish, meat exports rise by 3.43%, 41.49%


Fish and fish preparations exports from the country during the last seven months of the current financial year (FY) recorded a growth of 3.43 percent as compared to the same period of last year. During the period from July-January, 2012-13, the country earned $ 180.20 million by exporting about 81,324 metric tonnes of fish and fish products which were recorded at 15,277 metric tonnes worth $ 174.23 million in the same period of last year. On a month-on-month basis, about 10,202 metric tonnes of fish worth $ 23.34 million were exported during the month of January, 2013 as against 13,487 metric tonnes valuing $ 30.52 million in the month of December, 2012. On the other hand the export of fish and its products witnessed a 9.33 percent increase on a year-on-year basis and was recorded at 10,350 metric tonnes worth $ 21.34 million during the month of January 2012. Meanwhile, the exports of meat and meat preparations increased by 41.49 percent during the first seven months of the current financial year as about 40,403 metric tonnes of meat and its products worth $ 135.83 million were exported. The meat and meat products exports were recorded at 31,197 metric tonnes costing $ 96.006 million from the period July-January, 2011-12. As compared to the month of January, 2012 the meat and meat preparations exports posted a growth of 31.88 percent during the month of January, 2013 and $ 15.84 million against $12.01 million of same month last financial year.


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