Pakistan number 2 on countries hit by terror


In a world filled with conflicts of all kinds, raging civil wars , bloody sectarian violence and terrorism, South Asia emerges as the worst affected.

According to the Global Terrorism Index, that profiles data on terrorism from across the world, Pakistan is the second most affected in the world by terrorism, after Iraq.

Iraq is the worst hit by terror. It’s said to be the bloodiest battle ground in the world where nearly 1800 people were killed in terror attacks in in 2011, most of which took place in Baghdad.

In the same year 1468 people died in Pakistan, 1293 people died in Afghanistan and 402 in India because of terror attacks.

In America, there has been no death due to terror since the 2001 September 11 attacks when two planes crashed into the twin towers of World Trade Centre.

But it remains the worst single attack ever by terror groups, in this case Al Qaida. 2823 people were killed.

The last big terror attack in the United Kingdom were the co-ordinated attacks on the London Underground and a bus. 52 people lost their lives that day.

One of the worst terror strikes that targeted children was the attack on a school in Beslan in South Russia where militants laid siege for three days in 2004. It was the first day of school after summer break on September 1, when mostly Chechen militants took over the school. The siege ended after three days when Russian security forces stormed the building. By then 186 children and 154 adults were massacred.

Tourist havens like Bali in Indonesia too have suffered the brunt of terror when foreigners were targeted in a nightclub in 2002. 202 people lost their lives.

While conflicts , civil wars, skirmishes rage across the African world, and most intensely now in Syria where a civil war that started with demonstrations against President Bashar Al Assad in March 2011, ignited by the Arab Spring protests in the region, still continues. According to United Nation figures, nearly seventy thousand people have lost their lives in the Syrian uprising.


  1. This is really strange because There are worst countries than Pakistan like, Nigeria etc. But Why Pakistan in all the matters because we have forgotten our golden rules of Islam & orders of The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)

    • Why the talk about Pakistan, because our beloved country is filled with Islamic home grown and foreign fanatics who preach violence against our own Muslim brothers and sisters. They preach hate against non Muslims. We need to clean our own backyard first before we start blaming others. PEACE.

  2. this takes even death due to insurgency into consideration…..and not just islamic terrorism….402 in a population of more than a billion is ok….but still there shouldn't be even a single death….south asia should co operate and eleminate terrorism …

  3. This has nothing to do with following or not following Islam. The terrorists who have done maximum damage to Pakistan have been in collusion with some of our agencies and the country has paid a huge price and this process is ongoing with no end in sight.

    • But they have used the name of Islam.sharia, ummah and maligned all the rest of the muslims as well. Religion has been used to hijack people.


  5. yes i m agree with noor azeem comments our govt is blind but it has many reasons like our govt work under the govt of usa… I request to prime minister of pakistan plz save our sweet pakistan thanks

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