Once famous Railway Colony now in hellish conditions


Once famous for its grandeur and comfort, the residential quarters of Railway colonies were now crumbling and in a dilapidated state due to lack of maintenance.

The residential quarters of railway colonies for its employees and their family members were in a pathetic condition.

Railway employees, while talking to INP, said dilapidated roads, polluted drinking water and poor hygienic condition had made their lives miserable.

Sohail Arshad said choked drains, thickly grown bushes, dirt and filth scattered on the streets had added to the miseries of the tenants.

He said once the standard and quality of houses in railway colonies made other people feel jealous of railway employees for the facilities they enjoyed.

They said although these houses were not safe to live in, employees continued to live in them as they could not afford to get accommodation elsewhere.

Residents of railway colonies demanded the high-ups to take notice of the situation and order repair and maintenance work at the earliest.