Motorcyclists encroach on pedestrians’ rights


Avoiding a proper U-turn, majority of the motorcyclists were using a newly installed pedestrian bridge near Zero Point Interchange to enjoy a short cut and were creating problems for pedestrians in the process.

Pedestrians claimed that due to these motorcyclists, they still preferred to take the dangerous route of dodging traffic by crossing the road from the ground.

The people of the nearby localities lauded a civic body for installing the bridge but demanded a complete ban on the motorcyclists.

An official of CDA, when contacted, said that there was provision for motorcyclists on these bridges. However, the bridges were basically installed for pedestrians.

A road safety activist Prof Saeed Ahmed Ali viewed that pedestrians were the most vulnerable of all road users, as they included children, the blind and disabled, and the elderly.

“The newly installed bridges should aim to serve pedestrians, however, shared facilities between pedestrians and motorcyclists generally result in reduced quality of service,” he said.

He said Capital Development Authority (CDA) should display a sign-board for creating awareness among the motorcyclists to avoid using pedestrian bridges.