Lok Virsa charges money for using toilets


Instead of resolving the water shortage issue in the toilets at Lok Virsa, the museum administration has built new toilets adjacent to the old ones, and has given the contract to a blue-eyed private contractor, who charges Rs 10 from any person who wishes to use the toilet.

Visitors have been expressing their anguish saying that Lok Virsa was charging them for using toilets, which were built from their tax money in the first place.

When contacted, Lok Virsa Museum Spokesman Malik Fidaur Reham said, “Gentleman this is not a big corruption case, you should focus on multibillion scams instead. There is little money involved in this”.

When asked why Lok Virsa administration was illegally charging the visitors or whether any kickback was involved in this fishy deal, he did not answer.

Moazam Hassan, a visitor at Lok Virsa, while talking to Pakistan Today said, “Concerned authorities should take strict notice of this issue,” he said.

Another visitor, Faisal, who came to the venue for the first time said, “I was surprised when the contractor demanded Rs 10 for using the toilet. A large number of people visit this place everyday and the contractors and the Lok Virsa administration are taking benefit from all this.”