Lohan to force former assistant to testify in her forthcoming trial


, who worked for the troubled star at the time of her car crash last June, has allegedly been served with a subpoena by the LA City Attorney’s Office and will have to take the stand next month. The actress’s ex-assistant and friend reportedly informed police that it was Lindsay who was driving the car when it crashed, despite her claims otherwise. According to the US gossip website TMZ, Gavin was subpoenaed last month which means that he will have to testify during the trial of his former employer. A source close to Lindsay also revealed that the flame-haired actress is refusing to take a plea deal and is sticking to her story that she didn’t lie to police about who was driving the car. The infamous crash happened in LA last June when the star’s black Porsche slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler, causing her to be hospitalised. Lindsay was arrested for reckless driving and lying to the police when she claimed that it was Gavin who was driving the car, not her. According to reports at the time, it was in fact Gavin who told police that Lindsay had lied to them about him being in the driving seat, which ultimately lead to her arrest. Lindsay, whose probation stemming from her 2011 jewellery theft case was formally revoked in December, has been told that even if jurors find her not guilty in the trial, she could still be found in violation of her probation, because the standard of proof is lower. This means that the troubled starlet could still face a jail term even if she is not found guilty of the charges.