Sherry Rehman awarded US Smith College Medal


Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman has been awarded the prestigious US Smith College Medal for her extraordinary achievements and outstanding dedication to the rights of women.

Ambassador Rehman‚ who graduated in 1985 from the institution‚ joined five other alumnae who are now outstanding professionals and are also receiving the medal.

Established in 1962‚ the Smith College Medal is given annually to those alumnae who‚ in the judgment of the trustees‚ exemplify in their lives and work the true purpose of a liberal arts education. Sharing her views on the occasion from her experience as a journalist and parliamentarian‚ Sherry Rehman emphasized that the outstanding people must focus on building institutions to ensure success of their efforts.

Ambassador Rehman urged the women of Pakistan to devote their efforts towards their own well being and development, realizing their importance for the society.


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